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  1. @@nobodyfamous @@nobodyfamousYeah, at first glance i thought also the same or that I am missing a closing bracket somewhere...i have cleared the browser cache and reloaded the page a few times with no success
  2. ok this is probably an easy fix but im not proficient enough in php/html to find the error. Problem: Checkout.php page when checking out before creating an account or login has bad formatting. So the login form is appearing at the top of the page and not in the content box. Screenshot: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B3CxGB1GO1OyM0Jia1pwRFdMY0U/edit?usp=drive_web I have attached the checkout.php file. if you can help or at least point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. checkout.php
  3. bowsera

    Header Tags SEO

    i have tried that twice and get the same error. i am going to do a complete reinstall as I can not find a solution.
  4. bowsera

    Header Tags SEO

    Ok i just installed header tags seo v3.2.8 on oscommerce v2.3.1 and now all of my links look similar to the following "http://www.mywebsite.comdir_ws_http_catalogindex.php" (i put in bold the part that i know is wrong) . It appears that after installing header tags seo i am missing some punctuation somewhere in the code but i don't know where to look. Can anyone point me in the right direction.
  5. ok after more research this is what i have found when running multiple tests. "index.php is missing Header Tags code or it is not installed correctly. Verify that Fill Tags has been ran and that the root checkbox or the default checkboxes have been checked in Page Control." and of course i have ran the fill tags and what not. I have checked my index page against the files in the new shop installation folder and i can not find the mistake. What am I missing? can someone point me in a direction?
  6. bowsera

    Subcategory Description and/or Image

    Thanks 14steve14 the header tags contribution seems to have exactly what i needed and much more as you explained. However, after installation many things like the column box and silo boxes do not work properly and I can't any support in the official support area other than..."you made a mistake during installation."
  7. Ok so I have installed (twice now) header tags seo on a modified oscommerce 2.3. I have ran the test and I receive only duplicate header tag messages (for having the same product name for a few products). However, the problems I am experiencing are as follows: 1) I do not see an option for changing "search engine friendly" to false in configuration 2)the info box does not appear on my product_info page 3)The silo box appears but only shows the title in the box no matter what settings I change 4) the silo link at the bottom of the page displays the meta title for the store and not the product name I have installed and reinstalled then doubled checked and re-uploaded all of the configuration files. Other contributions that I have installed are as follows: ultimate Seo Urls 5, discount code 3.0, column listing with smart column n.v1.1 any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  8. bowsera

    Subcategory Description and/or Image

    I added the above post a little premature and with further investigation I have found this add-on for version 3.1 http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/7841 I have not installed it yet but due to its description it allows for a banner and text description. Just want the doctor ordered!
  9. Thanks to Oliver for the contribution i almost missed the solution reading through all the off topic conversation. This is exactly what i was looking for
  10. I am looking for an add on or a way to include a subcategory description and Image. For example, when a customer clicks on a subcategory, lets say "maxi dresses," then at the top (bottom, side, anywhere)of the page would be a short description/brief...for example, "Maxi dresses are so cool to wear during the summer blah blah..." Of course I would like to include something like this for each subcategory. Is there an add-on for this? or can someone give me some idea on how to go about something like this? for an example of what i am talking about you can reference this site http://www.boohoo.com/clothing/tops/icat/tops/ and look at the description at the bottom.