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    Easy Populate & Products Attributes

    I really need some help. :blink: I need to install easy populate Version 2.76i updated to work with osCommerce v2.3.1. I am not good at this sort of thing (on my own) and need someone to walk me through from beginning to end and how I teach my sellers to utilize it properly. This is something I have to have available and have had multiple requests for so far. I am an onlne eco-Marketplace, so every store that is opened is a new database / oscommerce installation. We are new so only have a few stores to tweak with this, but need to know how to do now before we get too large, and the email, tweets and SEO are really starting to take off. We are ranking on the first page of google, yahoo & aol so far for what I targeted, so not having this done asap is making me really nervous! If I need to beg a little I will :'( That's how important this is to me. I am holding up progress of my own site by not having this. Please, please, please, please help me!!!! (I am working on a broken shoestring budget that is tied in knots and wont even make a bow, so hiring someone is out of the question. I just believe in my idea and what we represent, but need someone to help out of kindness of heart.) please let me know. My site is eco-flock.com if you need to better understand my setup.
  2. Happy 4th of July!