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  1. Thanks Chris that is good to know. I'll just have to start coding then... Just wanted to make sure before I started so I wouldn't 'reinvent the wheel' so to speak...
  2. Hello! I've looked around for the past weeks, but I haven't been able to find any contribution which does what it is I want to achieve. I'm looking for an addon which will allow the user to use checkboxes to filter the category view, so that they can view the contents of multiple categories at the same time. For instance, if I have the categories 'clothing', 'accessories' e.t.c... the user should be able to check the boxes next to 'clothing' and 'accessories' to view the products in both of those categories at the same time. The plan, later, is to also have a separate list with checkboxes of all the manufacturers, so the customer can choose which manufacturers, and which categories to view (basically a filter which shows products based on which checkboxes you've ticked). I think it's strange that I haven't found any addon which does this, I thought this would be a very popular request from the community? A lot of webshops these days have a 'filter search' system like the one I described. Is there an addon which does this? If not, does anyone have an idea why such an addon doesn't exist (for instance, is it something with oscommerce which makes that very hard to achieve)? An example (though not in osCommerce) of what I'm trying to get at can be found here http://bybloom.com/en/4/parfym , look at the left hand side. Any info you can give me will be helpful. Thanks. Best regards,