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  1. That is not it :( In customers.php everythinG is fine, in admin.php (as i attached screenshot) text isn't translated. Am I right: Every line that contains: define('EXAMPLE_TEXT_1', 'Translated text'); I can edit green as I wish with leaving red without any changes?
  2. Hi! Thanks for this contribution. I've ran Autoinstaller 2.7 for More pics 6 v1.4.3. Everythin works fine. Is it possible that inslattation could change some text fields? Here is an example: screenshot It is in the http://www.******.pl/admin/index.php In Admin panel > Customers > Customers Everythink is in my language In which .php file i could "translate" it?
  3. janek8

    OSC Socializer v1.0

    Great contribution!! Little weird placing code somewhere in catalog/products_info.php but I've managed that :) Thank You !!