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  1. furhead

    What is the contribution , help

    Try this USU 5 PRO
  2. furhead

    Discount codes and paypal express

    If you look in the addons section , you'll notice that their is an additional patch for making the kgt Discount coupons to work with paypal express.
  3. furhead

    Countdown or sale countdown clock!

    Here is how i did it - Installed this addon (you may need to tweak it a bit to suit your needs), created some sale names within this addon and then added some products to those sales - This addon is pretty good as it lets you schedule specials (in particular you can chose what prices a special would have on what day and till when should those prices be continued). Now the part of getting that clock to work ,I used keith woods jquery plugin - here Then pulled the date of the current sale from the database and inserted that date into the jquery function where keith's script wants it to be. Let me know if i can be of more help to you.
  4. Done with the addon :sweating: , will be wrapping it up and uploading it to the addons section for Osc 2.3.1 (should work on 2.2 as well)
  5. Through the codes being send to the email when using paypal standard and other gateways that have their own cofirmation email template ... (codes are sent along with all the cofirmation irrespective of the payment module used) :devil: Now working on showing in the codes in the checkout and success page (again the problem is only with paypal standard and other gateways that have their own cofirmation email template) ..............If anyone wants this addon please lemme know. Once this is done i'll be releasing it for the community.
  6. Sho, ---- using Osc 2.3.1 Let me first explain the problem - i am not able to send the product keys (they are virtual products) to the customers email ,when i use paypal standard or any other payment module that has its own email defined at - includes/modules/payment/paypal_standard.php (same goes for other payment modules as well) but it works nicely when the main checkout_process.php files is used to send the email (ie paypal express,money order, etc that use the main checkout_proucess.php to send the confirmation email. Some screenshots to make this a lil clear - :-" I have done this by taking a pretty old module from here - http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/3883 , what this addon does is allows you to sell product/licence/phone cards etc... and those product keys are sent in a sequence to the customers email (also available on his accounts history) ,ofcourse after the payment is confirmed . All of this is achieved by hooking the product keys in the form of a attribute . Here is a pastebin link to of my paypal_standard.php file ,parts that have been changed of added have the initials of #pin change - http://pastebin.com/KfBGM3xW Once i am done with this addon i am letting it out in the addons section with some facelift and adding a image upload feature(so that images can be sold or send to the customers as well (since none of the addons do what this addon does - or maybe its the best i have found so far ) LLOsc........