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    password protect categories

    Hi, I'm not really in a position to hire someone to develop the contribution. I'm sure I'd be able to come up with something with a point in the right direction.
  2. Hello all, I have the above add-on installed and working fine, I like the way it works but do have some minor issues. When it runs it comes up with just the information from the file and I'd like it to look like the rest of my OScommerce. My other problem is that I would like to be able to add passwords via admin rather than having to edit index.php as it says in the instructions. Sorry my knowledge of PHP isnt great
  3. Hi all, I'm wanting to use this add on to have a popup on the product listing page(Product_listing.php). Can anyone help with this? I also have spooks Product listing enhancements installed so the usual fixes for this dont work unless i'm missing something. Thanks
  4. I need urgent help on the above mentioned add-on. If anyone can help please contact me, I need to change some code to view 'buy now' buttons when product has no price.
  5. i'd also like to have it show a light box of the image when you click on it instead of taking you to the product info page. Any help on this would be much appreciated.
  6. Have just seen this in the documents - Price / Quantity Attributes If a product has a zero price then the POA text will be displayed instead of zero and no add to cart (details button is shown instead) or quantity box will appear for it. If you use purely attributes for your pricing (not the best idea IMHO) then you need to modify the code to allow for that. This would work for me too but I dont know what code i would need to modify. HELP!
  7. First off great work. Here's my problem though, I almost have it all working how I want to but have noticed that in the attributes drop down on the product listing page it will only show a + price and not the total cost. I have it working correctly on my product info page. Can any one suggest the code to use as the code used on my product info page doesnt work on the listing page. Thanks in advance