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  1. vashichino7

    Multiple Products Manager - Need assistance

    Any help or ideas with this would be really appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Hello Guys, I have multiple products manager installed and wanted to see if there was anyway to be able to use the search bar and then move those items to 1 folder. For example, I want to be able to search "watch" and all the items which have a watch in the title will show then be able to select all those items and move them to the correct folder or copy them. It seems as though only drop down categories are able to move around, can anyone help? Thanks.
  3. vashichino7

    Module to feed items to your Amazon account.

    @ I just did and it isnt as crazy as I thought, seems like it is something which will be doable. Thanks for your help, until tomorrow.
  4. vashichino7

    Module to feed items to your Amazon account.

    @ Thank you for the comment. I have feedmachine, it is very simple... my whole thing is something which is automated and creates the file exactly the way amazon uploads their items... so you can go in and select your products and have it export the exact file which you are going to import to amazon.... Doing the edits after words kills the purpose... when there are thousands of items.
  5. Hey guys, I am currently looking for a module that can integrate my products on my website to fit Amazon's feed system. I currently have a feed system and I do not know if such a module exist or can be made... every other venue for example, Amazon, Rakuten, etc uses a feed system. Any ideas? This is because we have over 8k in items and this feed will be a much quicker option. Please let me know, thank you.
  6. Hey Guys, Here is what I want to do, I was wondering if there is anything out there that will do what I need. I am looking to make a page or create a page where I can have all my items 0 - 1 lb to be free shipping... what the best way to do this? Currently everything over $100 and 0-1 lbs gets Free Shipping, I want to add the under $100 items as well. Whats the best way? Please let me know... Best, V
  7. vashichino7

    Checkout by Amazon for osCommerce Support Thread

    The setting is in the edit module option on the backend, you can place whatever link you want the customer to visit after.
  8. vashichino7

    Checkout by Amazon for osCommerce Support Thread

    @@Amazon Payments Team @@datalink - Is there a checkout success page with "Pay with Amazon"? A lot of my customers are complaining that they are not directed to a checkout - success page... anything on this guys? Have I installed it incorrectly? If someone can help me out, I would really appreciate it.
  9. Hey guys, do any of you know of a complete shipping module which will allow the user to control items based on their shipping dimensions, weight, and price? I am running into issues with low cost items with large weights and it is costing a lot to ship. I am looking for something that takes in consideration the dimensions and then if it is calculated too high it will take in consideration with the weight or price. If there isn't a system like this, can something like this be made? Any comments or messages will be greatly appreciated.
  10. Hey guys, Currently I am using the table method using the price because most of my items were 1 pound items. Creating 2 methods per USA, Canada, and Rest of the World. Here is what I currently want, I want to be able to keep the current shipping methods for all items which are marked at 1 lb, however when an item is above 1lb, for example 2 lbs, I want the shipping methods to have a different price, same with 3 lbs, 4 lbs etc.. Or to make it sound easier, anything over 1 lbs needs a shipping method for USA, CANADA, and REST OF THE WORLD that is based weight where I can price it by weight. Let me know what is the best option, thank you. Best Regards, V
  11. vashichino7

    MySQL error in Shopping Cart.php

    @@Jack_mcs - I do apologize. I am using v.2.3.3 and have edited some checkout options. my website is www.savingshub.com - you can try and add a file and remove it, the error will show. Here are the lines $allow_mod_array = array(); line 236 -while($rec = mysql_fetch_array($query)){ if(empty($allow_mod_array)) $startedempty = true; $methods_array = array(); $methods_array = explode(';',$rec['payment_methods']); if(!empty($methods_array)){ foreach($methods_array as $method){ $allow_mod_array[] = $method; } } if($startedempty){ here are the lines for 264: <?php line 264: if (mysql_num_rows($query)==0 || in_array('checkout_by_amazon',$allow_mod_array)) { // AMAZON CODE -> START require_once("checkout_by_amazon/checkout_by_amazon_util_dao.php"); $utilDao = new UtilDAO(); $utilDao->printButton(); // AMAZON CODE -> END } ?>
  12. vashichino7

    MySQL error in Shopping Cart.php

    Hey Guys, I just noticed when I add an item to the cart then I come to remove the cart making it empty, I see the following error: Warning: mysql_fetch_array() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in /XXXX/public_html/shopping_cart.php on line 236 Warning: mysql_num_rows() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in /XXXX/public_html/shopping_cart.php on line 264 What is this from? Any help fixing this? Thank you!
  13. vashichino7

    Checkout by Amazon for osCommerce Support Thread

    Hey guys, Are any of you receiving the email by Amazon regarding their code change? Whats different? It seems as though the one I currently have is up to date? Can any one help?
  14. vashichino7

    Optional Related Products, Version 4.0

    Hey guys! Do you guys know of a feeder/module that will automatically cross-related products together with other products? I want it to automatically add 3+ products to the products, when one sells another gets replaced. Can this work? Please let me know.
  15. @@Praful Kamble thank you for the links... for the support thread for sort order, where is the option? is it already in the backend and the developer figured out how to change it? I already have the related product add-on, I was wondering if there is an automatic option where it chooses certain categories or anything? I have a lot of products and it does not make sense to always go in and choose specific related products, do you get what I am saying?