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  1. wellcome back hug ^_^ Is it possible to add the gender in the guest account detail form? LaChrize
  2. Thanks for the instructions Jules i gonna try that. LaChrize
  3. Hi Jules great contrib! Is it possible to have one tab more, who shows product related documents for download? that will be very nice. LaChrize
  4. Hi fulluvscents first off all thanks for this good contribution. I try to integrate it on my shop... in fact i didn't try anymore. I integrated allready :). I have to smal suggestions/questions: - How to add the gender in the guest accout box. I wanna be polite if I have to communicate with my customers. - is it possible to add a hidden field to flag that account as guest, so i can easly find guest accounts in the my admin area? I wanna delete perionicaly this accounts. cheers LaChrize