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  1. ctlee15

    Delivery/Pick-up Module

    I am surprised that there have been no replies to this. Maybe I should post this question in the General Forum!?! Best, Christopher
  2. ctlee15

    Delivery/Pick-up Module

    I would like to know whether an add-on or module exists that would allow the user to select one of two available options to receive their product(s). For example, customer orders pastries and at check-out selects whether he/she wants to pick-up the pastries (which is free) or have the pastries delivered (which is $10 USD). Best, Christopher
  3. ctlee15

    How to add addditinal pages

    Hi Chris Is the insertion of new pages done through the admin panel or do we have to use the define (i.e. the privacy.php example that you gave). Best, Christopher
  4. ctlee15

    Database Changes

    Chris, You are a trooper. I am glad to see that you are looking to finish you project early. I try to figure these things out on my own but am glad that we have this forum for times when I am stuck. There is one post that I have not received much response to. I wanted to get your suggested on the appropriate forum or whether you encountered this issue and could offer advice. I am attempting to add additional text to the Contact Us page and am having trouble. This what I did: 1. I added a text define to includes/languages/english/contact_us.php 2. I added in a call for the text define in the main file contact_us.php This process adds the text but totally rearranges the boxes (columns)on the left and right side of the page. Best, Christopher Best, Christopher
  5. ctlee15

    Database Changes

    Thank you Nick and Chris. The solution was in plain sight. Maybe I have been in front of this screen too long.. Best, Christopher
  6. ctlee15

    Database Changes

    Chris, If I want 9 Featured Products displayed instead of 6, which file would I need to modify? I think I can locate the particular line once I know the correct file.. Thank you in advance. Christopher
  7. ctlee15

    Database Changes

    Thanks Chris. It worked perfectly!!
  8. ctlee15

    Database Changes

    Hello All, Ok, I am almost there with the installation. I am not able to wrap my head around the following instruction: Database Changes Step 15: Now you need to create the database table that will be holding the featured products. To do so, you will need to run the featured_products_english.sql file's contents in your favorite sql interface (like phpmyadmin) to your existing database. To my understanding, I am to do the following: 1. Open phpmyadmin 2. Click on the existing (i.e. osc1) database 3. Click on Import 4. Select the featured_products_english.sql These actions will run the file contents in the selected sql database. Is this correct?? Best, Christopher
  9. ctlee15

    Installation-Step 2 "Copy Files"

    Thank you for the feedback. Best, Christopher
  10. ctlee15

    Installation-Step 2 "Copy Files"

    Thank you again. Does it matter if the following lines are addedd to the beginning or end of the filenames.php file? Manual Edits Step 3: Add the following lines to /catalog/admin/includes/filenames.php: // BOF: Featured Products define('FILENAME_FEATURED', 'featured.php'); define('FILENAME_FEATURED_PRODUCTS', 'featured_products.php'); define('FILENAME_SELECT_FEATURED', 'select_featured.php'); Thanks in advance.. Best, Christopher
  11. ctlee15

    Installation-Step 2 "Copy Files"

    Hi Chris, Thank you for your help on this. Best, Christopher
  12. Hello Group, I posted this question earlier to a different forum but thought it might be more appropriate for this forum. I was able to download the appropriate file and am in the process of installing the add-on (by the way, the Install Text file is great!). Could you please clarify one thing for me: Step 2 of the "Copy Files" section state: "Step 2: FTP all of the files and folders inside the New Files folder. Copy the directory structure that came with this archive, as it is." The New_Files folder contains admin and includes files and a featured_products php file. I understand that I need to FTP these folders and files to the server. I do not understand when the directions state: "copy the directory structure that came with this archive, as it is." Could you please clarify that?? Best, Christopher
  13. ctlee15

    Featured Products

    Hello All, I would like to modify the order of the Featured Products on the catalog homepage (index.php). I have searched through the support forum but I am unable to locate the featured products contribution. Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated. Best, Christopher
  14. ctlee15


    Hello Group, I am having trouble configuring the shipping module. The shipping cost for our products vary per item. However, the module only allows you to specify one shipping cost (i.e. $2.50) that is applied per item ordered. What would be the most efficient way to specify each of the different shipping costs associated with our products? Thank you in advance. Best, Christopher