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  1. hi, i am trying to install your new contribution "discount code 3.1" my checkout_payment.php code does not contain the bit of code your instructions say to modify. help?

  2. ginfaxi

    [Addon} Modular Front Page

    Yep thank you for the prompt solution. Solid contributions and the level and quality of your active role in support is at least to the newbie here really amazing.
  3. ginfaxi

    [Addon} Modular Front Page

    Great add-on just wanted to say first. I apologize if this question has already been asked/answered but I was not able to find. Running OSC 2.3.1. The scroller is neato but I would really like to feature 20 products. I tried changing scroller.php near the beginning to this // Set the number in the following line to the number of featured products desired. var $featured_products = 20; Back in the admin panel I am now seeing 10 additional "fields" under my first 10 product selection drop-downs but unlike the first 10 these are not actual interactive drop downs. Just blank fields. I am green with PHP, OSC AND WWW even really so maybe I have not found an answer in this forum because it is something obvious. Cheers and thanks.
  4. I have attempted to install Ultimate SEO URLS 5 Pro (v.1.1.0) on a pristinely fresh copy of OSC 2.3.1 about 5 times now and have consistently run into the same two problems. I am a newbie so hopefully I will be able to give enough pertinent info here. I have followed the instructions to the letter as I understand them each time. Uploading the Ultimate files into their respective directories using the instructions (start_here.html)and then modifying my .htaccess to include the code provided with the contribution download. My first problem is that after uploading the files, the SEO entry into my OSC admin panel is not showing up at all anywhere. Each time though I have proceded to modify my .htaccess to include the code provided. My shop is installed into my root directory so each time I leave the RewriteBase / with nothing after the "/" Still I see nothing related to Ultimate SEO URLS in my admin panel and urls not changed. I have also tried the optional coding of the .htaccess following the suggestions commented out in the file. This breaks my entire site giving a 500 error. I also tried the drop on top installation on a fresh OSC 2.3.1 and still nothing in my admin panel and URLS not SEO optimized. Again any further modification of the .htaccess as suggested in the comments gives 500 error. Is anyone else having this problem? Does anyone know what I might be missing here? Again I am a newbie so any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks :)