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  1. Hi. I'm having trouble with the Batch Printing without Frames or PDF contribution under v2.3.1

    The Page Breaks aren't working or are inconsistent. Any idea what could be wrong?


  2. pcsohio

    Batch Printing without Frames or PDF

    Update on issue 1. My fault. [not saying issue 2 isn't also :-" ] I modified the wrong general.js As for the invoices not having page breaks, I noticed it only affects invoices that have a second comment line. It shows as "Comment 2 Batch status" on the invoice. Apparently, something about printing that line affects the page-break.
  3. pcsohio

    Batch Printing without Frames or PDF

    Hi all. First off, I'd like to thank all involved for this contrib. So far it seems like just what we were looking for. I do have two issues however. 1. The top selection box [to the right of Status] is not selecting any of the selections on the page. It doesn't do anything. 2. The printed invoices are not being printed on separate pages. No 'page break' is being performed. Any help would be greatly appreciated. -Denny