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  1. hendrikcelliers

    Boring product order email

    Hi, I have noticed that the order emails sent to clients once an order is placed are very plain and boring. The link to the invoice online is also a text link. Can someone recommend an addon that could help me to make the order emails that are sent out (or even any other emails) look better (preferably via the admin panel, but css is also fine) Im using RC2.a Thanks
  2. hendrikcelliers

    Multiple products images

    Hi, Thanks for your reply alex. I am fairly new to MySql (although I did manage to "ALTER TABLE `products`" as meantioned in the install instuctions) I see a bit of SQL in the product info, but how would I be able to load the extra pics in a MySql query and where would I need to place it ? P.S. Not sure if this is relevant but im using a template. Thanks again
  3. hendrikcelliers

    Multiple products images

    I installed multiple product images : (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/5930) It was basically a copy and paste installation. I uploaded some extra pics via my admin panel, but when I check on my store front the extra pictures are missing and so in trying to figure out the problem I clicked "Page->View Source" in IE explorer. The extra images are refered to like this: <a class="thumbnail2" href=" http://www.mytempsite.co.za/images/ "><span><img src="http://www.mytempsite.co.za/images/" /><br>please hover over small images for other pictures preview</span><img src="images/" border="0" alt="mytempsite Starter Set (12 assorted)" title=" mytempsite Starter Set (12 assorted) " hspace="5" vspace="5"></a><br> <a href="javascript:popImage('http://www.mytempsite.co.za/images/','MDM International eCatalog, image in PopUp.')">Open in PopUp</a> Note that the extra images code is <img src="http://www.mytempsite.co.za/images/" /> rather than <img src="http://www.mytempsite.co.za/images/newextraimage.jpg" /> Any assistance will greatly be appreciated thanks