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  1. Hi Guys,

    This problem was solved by magic just using the - TheDruidXpawX, on Aug 4 2007, 10:51 PM, said: - suggestion...


    I found the solution when dealing with the sandbox!


    When dealing with the sandbox, when you get the "This invoice has already been paid." it can mean that the selling account isn't properly configured, or in my case, even though I configured it in the developer sandbox as "seller@somemail.com" when I look in that interface, it shows the email address for the seller as:




    That is the information you have to plug into the paypal ipn, not the email address you asked the dev account to use.


    As soon as I put this email in as the seller email, it took right off!


    Hope this helps others who come looking for the solution!


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    Add the business/store email generated by PayPal for the sandbox.


    Test twice resetting the pages and will work !!! and let's go live.