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  1. i figured zencart module might be close match, any help would be appreciated. main issue is that i dont have a test site up and running anywhere. i could put one up, i figure its not much of a problem, but it might go faster if there was some testsite up and running somewhere that i could access?
  2. i figured there were some specifics on the osCommerce side to be conserned about, if not then maybe for example Zen Cart bitcoin module can be used without much modifications? there is no need to reimplement the actual bitcoin client at all, the payment module just needs to 1. give customer an order specific address to send payments to(new address is created for every new payment for security reasons), 2. record customer return address(in case order is canceled and funds must be returned) 3. and monitor from running bitcoin client when the payment has been received
  3. is there some payment module template available? some sort of spec what rest of the system should see?
  4. seeing that bitcoin is very rapidly growing at the moment would it be possible to add bitcoin payment module to osCommerce? many other ecommerce suites already support bitcoin payments for example