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  1. Hello everyone, There's a built-in function in the flat rate shipping module that allows you to tax shipping. The tax is calculated and shipping price displayed correctly but is not added correctly to the total. It will add the shipping without tax, so there's a few cents of difference. I've done some research in the code and couldn't get the result I need. Anybody had that problem and figured out a solution? Thanks.
  2. We're still looking for a solution.. If anyone have some other ideas of what it could be, please let us know. Don't forget that we're going to put the module available on the contribution site so it will be available once completed. Let me know if some of you are interested in looking in the source code. Thanks.
  3. Hello blackwater, I've tried the code you gave me. It's not working. We got it to work and get the same session id when coming back. We think that it the isLoggedIn() is getting false and redirects to the login page. Is there any other specific fields I need to post to Authorize in order to get the customer loggedin back? I can provide our code, if it can help.
  4. Also, I will post this as a contribution when everything will be functionnal. Thanks.
  5. Hello, I am currently working on integrating the Authorize.NET SIM module to oSCommerce 3.0 Alpha 5 I am using the Authorize.NET SIM Intergration 2.2 release. However, I am having a little problem. It won't keep the osCsid that I've defined in attributes. $process_button_string .= osc_draw_hidden_field($osC_Session->getName(), $osC_Session->getId()); When I leave the site, I get this session id sent to authorize : c54919c4238db21105ca0fe63a14e3d5 When I come back from Authorize, I get stuck at the login page with the session id : cf7338b47fd11c443717bfcc8937d20f However, if I click again on the 'Login' link in the navigation, it gets me back to the login page with the correct session id (c54919c4238db21105ca0fe63a14e3d5) My return url is set to 'checkout.php/process' wich should be fine. I am wondering why does Authorize.Net rewrites my session or why I get another session id when I'm coming back on the website. Thanks. P.S. The followings are set to 'False' in the Services -> Session - Force Cookie Usage - Check SSL Session ID - Check User Agent - Check IP Address - Regenerate Session ID
  6. Double post: Fixed.
  7. I have installed the package and it's not working correctly. I have added articles with no problem, but I can't find "Articles" under Template Modules Layout: Boxes I have added the following line to default.php & template1.php (template1 being the name of the template I'm using) : 'cms' => array('*', 'left', '1200') I don't see the articles in left/right or main content area Do you have an idea of what is wrong?