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    One Page Checkout Support

    Hey Steve! :) Thanks - I found the code in ot_shipping.php instead of shipping.php. I've made the changes. Interesting - you're right. It looks like I've overseen this file. The tax calculation is not the same as in install.html but I added the "+ $this->info['shipping_tax']" to the current calculation. Unfortunately, I yesterday received the error e-mail again and it was - again - with paypal selected. Also, 3 of the 4 users with an error e-mail used Mac OS X or at least Safari. The 4th was me using Windows XP and Firefox 4 - but I don't know what I exactly did different to my other test orders to receive this e-mail. Hope we get this one fixed. :) Greetings from Germany, Martin
  2. 7thSENSE

    One Page Checkout Support

    Hi steve - thanks for your reply! You're right - I'm using PayPal, but there is no paypal_standard.php as it's written in the install.html. I've got a paypal.php ($Id: paypal.php,v 1.12 2008/01/09 08:21:02 mmr Exp $) and the lines I have to search for aren't found (this paypal module doesn't send any mails or does anything else - this is all done manually in the backend). One of the incomplete orders used paypal - the other one wasn't tracked (but I also had complete orders using paypal). The other used payment modules are moneyorder, cc and ccbank. Maybe it's because I didn't do all the changes of the install.html, such as: - in catalog/includes/modules/order_total/shipping.php (the search-for wasn't found) - in catalog/includes/modules/payment/paypal_standard.php (as said above - this is not the paypal module that is used in this shop) - in catalog/includes/modules/payment/protx_direct.php and catalog/protx_process.php (files don't exist) - in catalog/checkout_process.php (only the search-for "$email_order .= strip_tags($order_totals[$i]['title']) . ' ' . strip_tags($order_totals[$i]['text']) . "\n"" wasn't found - but I added the change anyway) Hope you can help me again! :-) Greetings from Germany, Martin
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    One Page Checkout Support

    Hey, does anybody know by now, in which case(s) the following error is taking place? Some orders of my customers shop are incomplete, although the input fields were completly filled. changes for checkout_process.php: /* One Page Checkout - BEGIN */ if (ONEPAGE_CHECKOUT_ENABLED == 'True'){ $onePageCheckout->loadSessionVars(); $onePageCheckout->fixTaxes(); /* * This error report is due to the fact that we cannot duplicate some errors. * please forward this email always if you recieve it */ if ($order->customer['email_address'] == '' || $order->customer['firstname'] == '' || $order->billing['firstname'] == '' || $order->delivery['firstname'] == ''){ ob_start(); echo 'ONEPAGE::' . serialize($onepage); echo 'SESSION::' . serialize($_SESSION); echo 'SERVER::' . serialize($_SERVER); echo 'ORDER::' . serialize($order); $content = ob_get_contents(); mail(ONEPAGE_DEBUG_EMAIL_ADDRESS, 'Order Error: Please forward to I.T. Web Experts', $content); unset($content); ob_end_clean(); } } /* One Page Checkout - END */ I got this e-mail three times now and all data is in the session, but neither in the onepage object nor in the order object... Greetings from Germany, Martin