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  1. Hi, I would be appreciated if someone could help me. I've installed PayPal Express Checkout Module contribution: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/5687 I have v2.2 RC2. The problem is during express checkout (without registration) Contributions works perfectly but not in every order. I have a flat rate for shipping 8.00 GBP. Here are sample orders of product A (1.20 GBP) and product B (3.62 GBP). (there are net prices in mysql database: shipping: 6.67 GBP, product A: 1.00 GBP, product B 3.02 GBP) orders: 1xA for 1.20 - PASSED 1xA for 1.20 with delivery 8.00 - ERROR (tested many times) 2xA for 1.20 with delivery 8.00 - PASSED 1xB for 3.62 with delivery 8.00 - PASSED 1xB for 3.62 - PASSED (cart -> paypal express -> login @ paypal -> redirect to shop -> confirm checkout button in shop -> ERROR) ERROR: TIMESTAMP: 2013-11-21T09:48:54Z ACK: FAILURE SHORTMESSAGE: INVALID DATA LONGMESSAGE: ITEM TOTAL IS INVALID. ERRORCODE: 10426 I have googled similar (?) situation: [LongMessage] => Shipping total is invalid. Found out that the shipping total was getting passed to Paypal with 4 decimal places... so I implemented the Php round routine to force the shipping costs to 2 decimal places. and also: http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/369678-paypal-express-checkout-and-partial-quantities/ Is it possible that i have same problem? with decimal places? I dont know how which various is "ITEM TOTAL" in ppeb.php Thanks