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    easypopulate and more than 12

    I believe there is two place in which you need to change the size. The first is the easy populate and second u need to change the variable in the sql table using myphp or equivlent. I don't remember the exact variable name but it should be product_something.
  2. I am having problem with the default images funtion with Easy Populate v2.41b6. This is what I did, I edit the easypopulate.php file and did the following: ----------------------- // set them to your own default "We don't have any picture" gif $default_image_manufacturer = 'no_image_manufacturer.gif'; $default_image_product = 'no_image_product.gif'; $default_image_category = 'no_image_category.gif'; // or let them get set to nothing //$default_image_manufacturer = ''; //$default_image_product = ''; //$default_image_category = ''; ------------------------ then, i uploaded the images to both the catalog/images & admin/images , but it still doesn't seem to work. I try to click on the product with the broken image link and i noticed that the url is displayed as "http://www.mycompany.com/catalog/image" there is no sign of the $default_image_product variable is being set to the image i specified. Please Help. Pat.