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  1. Hi Rainer The problem was I didn't install the "Login Form" content module in " Admin => Modules => Content . It is all working now. Thank you very much for your help. Regards John
  2. Hi Rainer Thank you for your reply. I have "admin: Admin => Modules => Content => login " in my store. My store was gradually upgraded to 2.3.4 over the years from a purchased 2.3.1 template. I guess the problem could be in the original template or any of the upgrade processes. Can you suggest anywhere that I should concentrate my effort on? Regards John
  3. Hi Rainer I am having the same problem. I can create a new account via mobile but not login via mobile. The only option visible on sign in is the "classic view" button. http://www.oakinvogue.com.au/mobile/login.php My site is 2.3.4 and Mobile OSC7.5.9. Everything else seem to be running fine. Regards John