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  1. richo3880


    Whats a good contribution to use to update my Facebook page automatically from my oscommerce site?
  2. richo3880

    Quick Add Products

    for some reason i can't get this to work. i got the link displayed under catalog, but the page is empty, and under configuration there is nothing. there is should a be an entry to adjust the Number of products. any ideas hot to fix this?
  3. i just recently installed "ask a product question" for my oscommerce, (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/1779) but it is not seining mail to my inbox? i did follow the instruction correctly, and i dont seem to figure out how come. isnt suppose to send it to the email saved in the admin page ? any hints?
  4. richo3880

    Horizontal menu

    Thank you KDM, but i will try this for my category menu, but i was looking for a cool horizontal menu for the top (home/categories/my account...)
  5. richo3880

    Horizontal menu

    do you know a cool horizontal menu for oscommerce that i can add?
  6. richo3880

    dynamenu bugs

    oh ok, so it is not a bug. Thank you for your answer i have another issue on certain pages, the sub menu stretches across the whole page. and it is happening only with chrome. any idea how to track the problem? i tried to change <!-- Output the footer for Dynamenu for osCommerce--> <? echo $GLOBALS['dmfooter'];?> to different location in the footer and index and other files that are included. but it didnt help i also changed the width of the submenu but it still did work properly... any clues are greatly appreciate it. Thank you
  7. richo3880

    dynamenu bugs

    i just installed the dynamenu, but i noticed that inside the subcategories, it only show 1 arrow on the top item in the list is there is a subcategory for any other items. do u know if there is a fix for this issue, or maybe a newer menu for oscommerce that i can use?