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  1. damian1

    theme switcher addon for 2.2?

    ok thanks where do i change the properties for the side panels?
  2. Hi there just wondering if there is a theme switcher addon for osc 2.2? thanks
  3. damian1

    [Addon} Theme Switcher

    Hi Jim Bit off the post but is there a compatible version for 2.2? or is the current addon suitable? thanks :-"
  4. damian1

    theme switcher error

    rather stupidly i forgot to delete line 29 :( amazingly enough as soon as I followed your instructions it all fell into place! thanks for all your assistance- you have the patience of a saint! Kind regards damian
  5. damian1

    theme switcher error

    okay ive checked and rechecked where the files are supposed to be and im sure there in the right places.. should i replace the header top with the one in your distribution?
  6. damian1

    theme switcher error

    again your correct of course - i downloaded a test eggplant theme - as you can probably guess im a complete novice ( but am learning fast !)ill give it a bash and let you know :)
  7. damian1

    theme switcher error

    appologies have done that and no joy((
  8. damian1

    theme switcher error

    And now my footer has decided to live in the header section...sigh...
  9. damian1

    theme switcher error

    sorry jim ive done that but some products still appear in white boxes with white text|(i presume)... sorry to bug you on this one..apologies
  10. damian1

    theme switcher error

    yas im back with another question, now my custom theme appears on only some of my products - any ideas whats going on in there? ive launched it so u can look www.personalised-giftsuk.co.uk help !
  11. Hi there havent isstalled this yet was just wondering if this would be able to give me a box that the customer can personalise his product in? any reply would be gratefully recieved:) even if its just to point me to another addon :) regards
  12. Hi there does any one know of an addon or what I would need to do to be able to put a customisable text box in my products so customers can add the text they need for each gift? it would only need to be a maximium of 60 chars for birtdates, small message etc. Im building a gift shop that sells customisable cups and cards any help would be apreciated :) obviously the text would need to be included in the checkout page and on the customers and my own confirmation. regards damian 1
  13. damian1

    theme switcher error

    thanks for your support :) managed to manually put the custom theme in thanks to an earlier post of yours! im will also admit that it took me about 5 mins ! As usual im going to ask something completely of the subject and query if you know of a way I can add a box into individual products so the customer can personalise them? again thanks for all your help! Damian1
  14. damian1

    theme switcher error

    Thanks for all your help on this one and yeah after I replaced it it worked fine...im having real issues installing the theme changing addon ive followed your instructions for changing the default layout but when i look for the theme roller does not appear in modules ..banging my head about this one ) kind regards damian1