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  1. IyangTjipto

    Single Product Discount Coupon Codes

    Wondering, what OSCommerce version do you use? is it 2.3.1 or 2.2 ? I am trying to install into a fresh 2.3.1 and it is not working. So, wondering if some other people out there experiencing the same issue with what i faced here.
  2. IyangTjipto

    [Contribution] Discount Coupon Codes

    Wondering, did anyone manage to use Discount Coupon Codes 3.34 for osc 2.31 without any problems? i am trying to install it on my demo, and seems like not working. Any comments and advise would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  3. IyangTjipto

    IP trap Version 3 released

    Hi again, Nic 1) i tested it, and it is working :) thank you... But, just for your info, instead of showing 403 error message, it actually showed me the following. I hope this shouldnt be a problem 2) Noted. seems like i am starting to understand how your contribution works. GREAT :) Thanks a lot, Nic :)
  4. IyangTjipto

    IP trap Version 3 released

    Hello Nic, I finally managed to find out what is wrong with it. The solution is that I "HAVE TO" include 999.999.999.999 on BOTH IP_Trapped and Whitelist text file. If I leave both text file blanks, it won't work at all. Anyway, the problems seems like to be fixed now. but, i have another 2 questions : 1) I had edited my htaccess file with the command on my previous post, excluding the apostrophe. How do i find out that this is working? 2) If I renamed my personal folder to admin folder to trap more IPs, do i need to create another personal folder without any files inside? What I mean is, if i am having both admin and personal folder, then both folder can work hard to trap more bad IPs instead of one folder. Any comments? Also, just for your info, I had renamed my original admin folder to another name. Again, do thank you so much for your help, Nic Regards, iyang
  5. IyangTjipto

    IP trap Version 3 released

    Nic, Thank you for your quick reply. I did followed the instruction on the manual, which is as shown below. I did re-check the application top.php file again before i type this post. And it is still the same as per your instruction on the manual shown below. But, the problem still persists. Any advise what should i do? Problems remain the same as i mentioned above...
  6. IyangTjipto

    IP trap Version 3 released

    Nic, Thanks for the great contribution for this IP Trap. I had got a few problems and questions and i hope you can assist me further. I had read some posts from this thread as well, and follow some instructions mentioned, but still have no luck. On my first installation yesterday, it did worked like a charm... But, when i play further today, without changing anything, it seems doesnt work again. Here is my condition now : - i am using OS 2.3.1 & IP v5.2 - i cleaned up the contains inside IP_Trapped.txt and Whitelist.txt [which is good, it worked yesterday, but not now....] - Both IP_Trapped txt and Whitelist.txt i CHMOD to 666 - banned folder i CHMOD to 755 - I am using PC, and website was host by others - I am using CuteFTP - all CHMOD setting was done using the CuteFTP - I had renamed my admin folder, but not yet renamed my personal folder My problems : 1) After i visit my page http://store.yangscreation.com/personal'>http://store.yangscreation.com/personal it showed me the blocked.php [which is good] Problem is: - i still can visit the main page http://store.yangscreation.com [showing me the index.php file] or any other pages such as http://store.yangscreation.com/includes - my IP was not recorded into the IP_Trapped file [but, from my ftp program, i did see the modified time for that file was up to date - I did received email stating that the IP had been blocked Any idea what i am missing here? Is it something to do with permission CHMOD settings? but, i had set to 666 as mentioned above. If i need to check the error log, how do i do it? Searching for some error.php files inside my /catalog/ ??? 2) From my understanding, this IP trap thing was only to trap the spammers when the spammers visit the personal folder ONLY. This won't work when the spammers visit some other pages/folders among my site http://store.yangscreation.com Am I correct? 3) If my above statement is correct, just wonder, why it must be on personal folder only? Does personal folder usually contain important information? *Do apologise for this general question, I am new with OS commerce, and still learning* 4) Based from what i see on some posts in this thread, I can renamed personal folder to admin folder, to trap more IPs (I believe as soon as i rename the personal folder to admin, i have to make some changes inside my php file) But, should I create a blank personal folder again, so I can trap IPs that try to visit BOTH admin and personal folder. If i am correct, what should i do if i try to create a new empty personal folder? 5) I can put my own IP into the IP trapped txt file, but it seems like it only banned me from main page and personal folder. It seems like not banning me from some other folders such as catalog/includes/ or catalog/images/ Can you please advise? 6) From previous posts, i also noticed that i need to include the following into my HTACCESS file (which is located on my /catalog/ folder) for more protection (due to the incomplete statement inside the IP trap manual) If i copy paste the above statement, can i put it anywhere inside my htaccess file? or, it has to be specific in certain spot inside that file? Please advise. Also, the first statement of the above commands comes with the aposthropy "SetEnvIfNoCase ... while the second statement SetEnvIfNoCase doesnt comes with aposthropy. Am I correct ? Thank you for the attention, and do appreciate your reply and help. Thank you :)
  7. IyangTjipto


    Jack, Thank you for your great contribution. I do appreciate it, and i am sure some others do as well. I am a newbie in this OScommerce, and trying to install your contribution on to my site. But, as usual, nothing goes smooth in this life until the problems had been fixed. I had done some research and some readings on how to fix it, but i just want to reconfirm again to make sure this newbie myself is doing the correct thing. Do you mind to be so kind to give me some comments or some advice on my following questions... or, maybe some friendly strangers who accidentally read this message would be so kind to help, please... For your info, i am using OSCOMMERCE 2.3.1 with your Site Monitor v2.9 Also, i am installing this into a test store with the standard original oscommerce template, and i havent added any new products yet other than those ones came with the OSCOMMERCE 2.3.1 CASE ONE After installation on Sitemonitor, I arrive at the step 6 of your manual [asking me to go to the following page --> Go to admin->Sitemonitor->Admin I received a Warning message : admin name should not be admin... The path i took to solve it : i changed the admin directory name to NEWADMIN name, and i also change two lines in the NEWADMIN/includes/configure.php Since I have done that, I understand that my new login page would be http://domain_name.com/NEWADMIN instead of http://domain_name.com/admin This solve my problems, but I ended up with 2 questions on my mind. (These 3 questions might be a general OSCOMMERCE questions, but since this happened after the installation. I think i'd give it a go to ask the questions here) Q1) Is that the only configure.php files i need to modified. If not, any idea which other configure.php files i need to modified? Q2) Since I had rename the admin directory to NEWADMIN. That means in the future, when i want to install other contributions, and if that certain contribution asked me to copy certain files into admin directory. This means i have to copy those files to NEWADMIN directory of mine, instead of creating a new directory name admin. Am I correct? CASE TWO Still at Step 6, as per your manual, it was stated... Everytime I clicked on the first button, I received the following message : Q3) I received that message everytime I click on the 1st button. I assume I am doing the correct thing here, right? I am just a bit confused with the message of First time ran, eventough i have clicked that button for 3+ times. I clicked on the second update button. It gave me the results of the following Q4) I got 1 mismatch shown. Is something wrong with my installation? As per your guide, I should received "No Mismatched Found" I click on the third update button. It gave me the following output. Q5) Again, I am confused. I got 4 mismatches here. Is there something wrong with my installation? Should it be a "No Mismatch" ? Lastly, I clicked on the last button, and it shows me the following together with a table [which i am not showing here]... Q6) I assume all of those are just suspected files. and I have to keep and eye and checked it. Am I correct? I say this based on your manual that shown on the quote below. Q7) On the table list which is not showing here, i have got a RED COLOUR which means it is higher probability of it being a hacker file... which is as follow: Ref = untick Line = 18 File = NEWADMIN/sitemonitor_configure_0.php Hacker Code = error_reporting(0) Dates Match = untick My question is .. Even this is RED COLOUR, but it seems like to me not a hacked file, based on the php lines shown on the above quote. Am I correct? Jack, or maybe anyone out there, mind to be so kind to provide me some comments and answer/advise on my 7 questions above, please. Thank you and much appreciated.