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  1. Supertex

    Square Payments Plugin for osCommerce

    Mine went down yesterday morning, and then was up again for a while, and now is down yet again. A thread on sellercommunity.com cites a change to the API, any info on this?
  2. Supertex


    Well...thought it worked, but it was sending the email for every transaction. Did a little digging, and it appears that strcasecmp returns zero or non-zero, rather than true of false. This made it work, as far as I can tell: if ((strcasecmp($blacklisted['entry_street_address'], $order->delivery['street_address'])== 0) && (strcasecmp($blacklisted['entry_suburb'], $order->delivery['suburb'])== 0) && (strcasecmp($blacklisted['entry_city'], $order->delivery['city'])== 0) && (strcasecmp($blacklisted['entry_postcode'], $order->delivery['postcode'])== 0) && (strcasecmp($blacklisted['entry_state'], $order->delivery['state'])== 0)) {
  3. Supertex


    That seems to have broken it. Im seeing this in the error log: [26-Mar-2022 20:53:45 America/Chicago] PHP Warning: strcasecmp() expects exactly 2 parameters, 1 given in /home/public_html/checkout_process.php on line 363 Edit: NVM...found it. There was a period between the street address comparisons...I just copy/pasted from your post. It works
  4. Supertex


    BTW...I assume it wouldn't be too complicated to add some code in the create_account.php that would look for name, phone, and make that same comparison on address book entries?
  5. Supertex


    Thanks Jack. We do appreciate ya, sir.
  6. Supertex


    Hi Jack, Recently had an issue where a banned customer came back and created a new account with a different email (he'd made no attempt to login with his original email recently), and used the same address as he'd used before. Originally though, his city entry used all caps. When he created the new account, only the first letter of the city was cap'd, so his street address was not 'strictly' the same. There was no email sent to notify that an order on the new account had occurred. Am I correct in assuming the difference in caps usage is why? I noticed this in the code of checkout_process.php: $blacklisted['entry_street_address'] === $order->delivery['street_address'] Would changing the "===" to "==" solve the issue, or would the address string require 'scrubbing' or normalization before comparison? Please forgive my ignorance, I know just enough to be dangerous, heh.
  7. So the fedex web services module that's available in the addons section will pull quotes, but most of the other features don't work...specifically insurance. Soooo...I tried to a cart value check and add the appropriate fees to the shipping method from within the module. I couldn't get that to work. But what I could (and did) do was calculate the appropriate fees in shopping_cart.php, and put that into a session variable: //set insurance figures for fedex shipping methods $pkg_val = $cart->show_total(); if ($pkg_val <= 100){ $insurancemarkup = 0; }else if (($pkg_val > 100)&&($pkg_val <= 300)){ $insurancemarkup = 3; }else if ($pkg_val > 300){ $insurancemarkup = (ceil($pkg_val/100)); } tep_session_register ('insurancemarkup'); Then I did this in the fedexwebservices.php file itself: function quote($method = '') { /* FedEx integration starts */ global $shipping_weight, $shipping_num_boxes, $cart, $order, $insurancemarkup; And and then this also: $methods[] = array('id' => str_replace('_', '', $rateReply->ServiceType), 'title' => ucwords(strtolower(str_replace(array('_', ' HOME', 'DELIVERY'), array(' ', '', ''), $rateReply->ServiceType))) . ' <font color="orange">(signature may be required)</font>', 'cost' => $insurancemarkup + $cost + (strpos($this->types[$rateReply->ServiceType]['handling_fee'], '%') ? ($cost * (float)$this->types[$rateReply->ServiceType]['handling_fee'] / 100) : (float)$this->types[$rateReply->ServiceType]['handling_fee'])); This works fine...most of the time. However, someone will occasionally manage to place an order and have $insurancemarkup as zero. Handling fees are correctly calculated, prices are coming back correctly...it just doesn't add the insurance. I don't know if they're creating a cart from work and then coming home to actually place the order, or...? Again...this is a rare occurrence but it can really cause problems; especially when I cannot replicate the error. Is there a way to successfully make the calculations from within the module? Have I gone about this in a foolish manner? Thoughts?
  8. Supertex

    Square Payments Plugin for osCommerce

    BTW...what protection do I as a merchant have if someone uses a stolen card here? If someone has a stolen card, all they need is a zip code and this transaction will pass, yes? Nothing authenticating a card's zip code with a site user's payment address? So no protection from charge back... or am I missing something?
  9. Supertex

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    @djmonkey1 Seems like I would be able to find more information about using this mod in a v2.3.1 store with SPPC and Quantity Discounts, but I'm not having great luck. The Quantity Discounts mod works great on the front side. In fact, I duplicated it, using one version for Category Discounts, and the other for Line Item discounts. This way, both or either can be toggled on a customer group or customer id basis. Again...works -great- as a visiting customer. The problem comes when I try to edit an order. Let's say I have an order for which neither discount (line or category) is toggled on, for either account or customer group. If I edit the order and add enough product that the criteria for the discount is met, the discount applies itself. Or...if they'd purchased enough to meet one or all of the criteria, once I open it in the editor and change anything, the discounts apply. I can't even adjust shipping without having this happen. I'm at a loss.
  10. Supertex

    FedEx - Web Services v9

    Any idea how to omit a method? As in...I have a heavy package that wants to return both Ground Home Delivery, and FedEx Ground. I want to omit FedEx Ground...as in remove it from the methods array completely. I want the methods array to contain ONLY Ground Home Delivery...but Im not sure how to do that.
  11. Anyone else seeing a drastic reduction in price for FCP Intl?
  12. Supertex

    Square Payments Plugin for osCommerce

    Been a while since I've messed with payment modules, but doesn't entering a CC number this way change the PCI compliance scope for the site?
  13. Supertex

    [Development] USPS Shipping Module

    Sometime I'm going to get up to WA, and when I do, I'm buying you a steak dinner. Thank you.