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  1. This seems to have fixed the problem entirely. Thank you Jim...yet again.
  2. This is happening to me as well. 3 times now in the last two weeks or so. Prior, this might have happened twice in the last two years.
  3. @@Harald Ponce de Leon Lately, I've had two instances of an order being placed, and it shows up at paypal as a paid order, but there's no record of the order in the store. If I look at the PP logs (in the app) I see the '_notify-synch' for the order with "VERIFIED" in the response...shows the cart items...amount, etc. Any idea why the order is getting deleted by the store?? I haven't updated the app because it's been working ok - still at 4.039. Any ideas?
  4. I've added: tep_session_unregister ('shipping'); to the start of shopping_cart.php, and that seems to have fixed the problem, except now I can still add products from the list, instead of the product page, and do the same thing. Is there a way to monitor quantities or product count, and clear 'shipping' if either changes?
  5. @@John W What version are you running? I'm 2.3.1 and even with the fixes @@Harald Ponce de Leon noted, I get the same result: After logging in... 1) Create basket with subtotal under $100. 2) Begin checkout 3) Select "UPS Ground" & continue 4) Choose payment method & continue 5) Click "view cart" or "edit" (in products section of checkout confirmation) 6) Increase quantity to surpass $100 & update 7) Hit browser 'back' button twice & 'confirm resubmission'...refresh page. This lands me back on Order Confirmation page - quantities updated, but shipping remains consistent with previous quantity. In fact... after going through the steps above, I can clear the cart completely, log out, log back in, create an entirely new cart, and then instead of clicking 'checkout', I can modify the url to point to checkout_payment.php, hit enter, and it skips right over checkout shipping, and takes me to payment. I can select payment, and move ahead to checkout confirmation and checkout with the prior cart's shipping price. Seems like I need to have something that clears the shipping variables entirely whenever the "update quantity" button is hit, or anytime a new product is added.
  6. @@Harald Ponce de Leon Have a look at my last post in this thread, please. V2.3.1
  7. @@kymation I figured out at least one way this is occurring. Keep in mind 2 things: 1) It's known (and stated) that all my UPS shipments are insured. The module is set to include insurance. 2)UPS is insured up to $100 as a base. If a guy was to create a cart, move through checkout, and land on the confirmation page with a $90 order, figures out that he needs a larger quantity (or has figured out how this works and wants to get an insured shipment but only pay base shipping)... If you either click the products section 'edit', or 'View Cart', change the quantity, and then hit the BACK button instead of the 'checkout' get a browser resubmit, and boom. You have the increased quantity, which drove the cart price over the base-insured value of $100, but because there was no landing on the shipping page, no new quote was pulled. In a nutshell, the cart quantities can be edited without limit, without any update to shipping. This has the potential to amount to a very large disparity in shipping charged vs. shipping cost. What can be done to avoid this?
  8. @@Jack_mcs I was talking about the "Quantity" input form field in admin/categories.php. I wanted it to show, but not be editable, because I added a 'quantity adjustment' form field to be used instead. At the same time, I added a new DB table with an auto-incrementing field for 'event_id', and then fields for event_date, products_quantity, adjustment_quantity, product_id, products_name, and products_model. So when you 'save' a product, the quantity and adjustment are combined and the result is then saved in the "products_quantity" field of the products table, and a snapshot of the quantity before the update, as well as the adjustment, etc. is saved to my "inventory" table. With this, I can create an inventory report that will show modifications to product quantities that were made manually, but ignore any stock decrements due to order processing. I've had ...issues... with keeping quantities right, like entering a shipment quantity instead of adding the shipment to what I have on-hand and THEN adding it (because I'm a dummy). This will just help with tracking down any inconsistencies in site inventory vs shelf inventory. At AuzStar's advice, I ended up doing this: <td class="main" border="1"><?php echo tep_draw_separator('pixel_trans.gif', '24', '15') . ' ' . tep_draw_hidden_field('products_quantity', $pInfo->products_quantity) . tep_draw_input_field('products_quantity', $pInfo->products_quantity, 'disabled') . tep_draw_separator('pixel_trans.gif', '24', '15') . ' ' . TEXT_QUANTITY_ADJUSTMENT . tep_draw_separator('pixel_trans.gif', '24', '15') . ' ' . tep_draw_input_field('quantity_adjustment'); ?></td> And as far as I can tell, this seems to work great. Now I have to integrate my "stats_low_stock.php" file to do the same. Right now, it uses this: function tep_add_product_shipment($products_id, $shipment) { $sql = "update " . TABLE_PRODUCTS . " set products_quantity = products_quantity + " . $shipment . " where products_id = '" . (int)$products_id . "'"; echo 'update successful'; //add a button here after verbose return tep_db_query($sql); } But now I need for it to update the 'inventory' table as well. Haven't jumped on this yet.
  9. seems the reason I was having trouble had more to do with the fact that the quantity field was set 'disabled'. If I remove that, then I have no trouble posting the sum back to the DB...but now I have to figure out how to disable the field...
  10. Im trying to modify my store to track manual quantity changes. Part of the process is disallowing direct manipulation of the 'quantity' field in the 'edit' function of categories.php. I've set that field to 'disabled', so you can see what it's pulled from the DB, but you can't modify it. I've also added a field for "inventory_adjustment", but I cant figure out how to use $sql_data_array = array('products_quantity' => (int)tep_db_prepare_input($HTTP_POST_VARS['products_quantity']), to post the sum of the two fields: 'products_quantity' and 'inventory_adjustment'. I'd really appreciate a hand if someone has a few moments to spare.
  11. K...this just happened again, but this time with other oddities: 1) There is no listed shipping address on the order details page - at all - it's blank. Only the account address and billing address show up. 2) The customer was allowed to choose "UPS Ground"...even though that is not an option. UPS Standard would have been the cheapest method @ $25.86. 3) Customer was charged $10.57 Here is the XML request/response, address and account data withheld: ------------------------------------------ DATE AND TIME: 2017-01-03 13:29:18 UPS URL: UPS REQUEST: <?xml version="1.0"?> <AccessRequest xml:lang="en-US"> <AccessLicenseNumber>xxxxxxxxxx</AccessLicenseNumber> <UserId>xxxxxxxxxx</UserId> <Password>xxxxxxxxxxx</Password> </AccessRequest> <?xml version="1.0"?> <RatingServiceSelectionRequest xml:lang="en-US"> <Request> <TransactionReference> <CustomerContext>Rating and Service</CustomerContext> <XpciVersion>1.0001</XpciVersion> </TransactionReference> <RequestAction>Rate</RequestAction> <RequestOption>shop</RequestOption> </Request> <PickupType> <Code>01</Code> </PickupType> <Shipment> <Shipper> <ShipperNumber>12XX34</ShipperNumber> <Address> <City>My City</City> <StateProvinceCode>My State</StateProvinceCode> <CountryCode>US</CountryCode> <PostalCode>My ZIP</PostalCode> </Address> </Shipper> <ShipTo> <Address> <AddressLine1>Customer Street</AddressLine1> <City>Customer City</City> <StateProvinceCode>BC</StateProvinceCode> <CountryCode>CA</CountryCode> <PostalCode>Customer Post Code</PostalCode> <ResidentialAddressIndicator/> </Address> </ShipTo> <Package> <PackagingType> <Code>02</Code> </PackagingType> <PackageWeight> <UnitOfMeasurement> <Code>LBS</Code> </UnitOfMeasurement> <Weight>1</Weight> </PackageWeight> <PackageServiceOptions> <InsuredValue> <CurrencyCode>USD</CurrencyCode> <MonetaryValue>37.00</MonetaryValue> </InsuredValue> </PackageServiceOptions> </Package> <RateInformation> <NegotiatedRatesIndicator/> </RateInformation> </Shipment> <CustomerClassification> <Code>04</Code> </CustomerClassification> </RatingServiceSelectionRequest> UPS RESPONSE: <?xml version="1.0"?> <RatingServiceSelectionResponse> <Response> <TransactionReference> <CustomerContext>Rating and Service</CustomerContext> <XpciVersion>1.0001</XpciVersion> </TransactionReference> <ResponseStatusCode>1</ResponseStatusCode> <ResponseStatusDescription>Success</ResponseStatusDescription> </Response> <RatedShipment> <Service> <Code>07</Code> </Service> <RatedShipmentWarning>Your invoice may vary from the displayed reference rates</RatedShipmentWarning> <BillingWeight> <UnitOfMeasurement> <Code>LBS</Code> </UnitOfMeasurement> <Weight>1.0</Weight> </BillingWeight> <TransportationCharges> <CurrencyCode>USD</CurrencyCode> <MonetaryValue>89.20</MonetaryValue> </TransportationCharges> <ServiceOptionsCharges> <CurrencyCode>USD</CurrencyCode> <MonetaryValue>0.00</MonetaryValue> </ServiceOptionsCharges> <TotalCharges> <CurrencyCode>USD</CurrencyCode> <MonetaryValue>89.20</MonetaryValue> </TotalCharges> <GuaranteedDaysToDelivery>1</GuaranteedDaysToDelivery> <ScheduledDeliveryTime>12:00 Noon</ScheduledDeliveryTime> <RatedPackage> <TransportationCharges> <CurrencyCode>USD</CurrencyCode> <MonetaryValue>0.00</MonetaryValue> </TransportationCharges> <ServiceOptionsCharges> <CurrencyCode>USD</CurrencyCode> <MonetaryValue>0.00</MonetaryValue> </ServiceOptionsCharges> <TotalCharges> <CurrencyCode>USD</CurrencyCode> <MonetaryValue>0.00</MonetaryValue> </TotalCharges> <Weight>1.0</Weight> <BillingWeight> <UnitOfMeasurement> <Code>LBS</Code> </UnitOfMeasurement> <Weight>1.0</Weight> </BillingWeight> </RatedPackage> <NegotiatedRates> <NetSummaryCharges> <GrandTotal> <CurrencyCode>USD</CurrencyCode> <MonetaryValue>54.57</MonetaryValue> </GrandTotal> </NetSummaryCharges> </NegotiatedRates> </RatedShipment> <RatedShipment> <Service> <Code>08</Code> </Service> <RatedShipmentWarning>Your invoice may vary from the displayed reference rates</RatedShipmentWarning> <BillingWeight> <UnitOfMeasurement> <Code>LBS</Code> </UnitOfMeasurement> <Weight>1.0</Weight> </BillingWeight> <TransportationCharges> <CurrencyCode>USD</CurrencyCode> <MonetaryValue>80.90</MonetaryValue> </TransportationCharges> <ServiceOptionsCharges> <CurrencyCode>USD</CurrencyCode> <MonetaryValue>0.00</MonetaryValue> </ServiceOptionsCharges> <TotalCharges> <CurrencyCode>USD</CurrencyCode> <MonetaryValue>80.90</MonetaryValue> </TotalCharges> <GuaranteedDaysToDelivery/> <ScheduledDeliveryTime/> <RatedPackage> <TransportationCharges> <CurrencyCode>USD</CurrencyCode> <MonetaryValue>0.00</MonetaryValue> </TransportationCharges> <ServiceOptionsCharges> <CurrencyCode>USD</CurrencyCode> <MonetaryValue>0.00</MonetaryValue> </ServiceOptionsCharges> <TotalCharges> <CurrencyCode>USD</CurrencyCode> <MonetaryValue>0.00</MonetaryValue> </TotalCharges> <Weight>1.0</Weight> <BillingWeight> <UnitOfMeasurement> <Code>LBS</Code> </UnitOfMeasurement> <Weight>1.0</Weight> </BillingWeight> </RatedPackage> <NegotiatedRates> <NetSummaryCharges> <GrandTotal> <CurrencyCode>USD</CurrencyCode> <MonetaryValue>50.98</MonetaryValue> </GrandTotal> </NetSummaryCharges> </NegotiatedRates> </RatedShipment> <RatedShipment> <Service> <Code>65</Code> </Service> <RatedShipmentWarning>Your invoice may vary from the displayed reference rates</RatedShipmentWarning> <BillingWeight> <UnitOfMeasurement> <Code>LBS</Code> </UnitOfMeasurement> <Weight>1.0</Weight> </BillingWeight> <TransportationCharges> <CurrencyCode>USD</CurrencyCode> <MonetaryValue>87.80</MonetaryValue> </TransportationCharges> <ServiceOptionsCharges> <CurrencyCode>USD</CurrencyCode> <MonetaryValue>0.00</MonetaryValue> </ServiceOptionsCharges> <TotalCharges> <CurrencyCode>USD</CurrencyCode> <MonetaryValue>87.80</MonetaryValue> </TotalCharges> <GuaranteedDaysToDelivery>1</GuaranteedDaysToDelivery> <ScheduledDeliveryTime/> <RatedPackage> <TransportationCharges> <CurrencyCode>USD</CurrencyCode> <MonetaryValue>0.00</MonetaryValue> </TransportationCharges> <ServiceOptionsCharges> <CurrencyCode>USD</CurrencyCode> <MonetaryValue>0.00</MonetaryValue> </ServiceOptionsCharges> <TotalCharges> <CurrencyCode>USD</CurrencyCode> <MonetaryValue>0.00</MonetaryValue> </TotalCharges> <Weight>1.0</Weight> <BillingWeight> <UnitOfMeasurement> <Code>LBS</Code> </UnitOfMeasurement> <Weight>1.0</Weight> </BillingWeight> </RatedPackage> <NegotiatedRates> <NetSummaryCharges> <GrandTotal> <CurrencyCode>USD</CurrencyCode> <MonetaryValue>55.29</MonetaryValue> </GrandTotal> </NetSummaryCharges> </NegotiatedRates> </RatedShipment> <RatedShipment> <Service> <Code>11</Code> </Service> <RatedShipmentWarning>Your invoice may vary from the displayed reference rates</RatedShipmentWarning> <BillingWeight> <UnitOfMeasurement> <Code>LBS</Code> </UnitOfMeasurement> <Weight>1.0</Weight> </BillingWeight> <TransportationCharges> <CurrencyCode>USD</CurrencyCode> <MonetaryValue>25.41</MonetaryValue> </TransportationCharges> <ServiceOptionsCharges> <CurrencyCode>USD</CurrencyCode> <MonetaryValue>0.00</MonetaryValue> </ServiceOptionsCharges> <TotalCharges> <CurrencyCode>USD</CurrencyCode> <MonetaryValue>25.41</MonetaryValue> </TotalCharges> <GuaranteedDaysToDelivery/> <ScheduledDeliveryTime/> <RatedPackage> <TransportationCharges> <CurrencyCode>USD</CurrencyCode> <MonetaryValue>0.00</MonetaryValue> </TransportationCharges> <ServiceOptionsCharges> <CurrencyCode>USD</CurrencyCode> <MonetaryValue>0.00</MonetaryValue> </ServiceOptionsCharges> <TotalCharges> <CurrencyCode>USD</CurrencyCode> <MonetaryValue>0.00</MonetaryValue> </TotalCharges> <Weight>1.0</Weight> <BillingWeight> <UnitOfMeasurement> <Code>LBS</Code> </UnitOfMeasurement> <Weight>1.0</Weight> </BillingWeight> </RatedPackage> <NegotiatedRates> <NetSummaryCharges> <GrandTotal> <CurrencyCode>USD</CurrencyCode> <MonetaryValue>25.03</MonetaryValue> </GrandTotal> </NetSummaryCharges> </NegotiatedRates> </RatedShipment> </RatingServiceSelectionResponse> ------------------------------------------ Again, the customer was charged $10.57. My handling fee is 3.3%. None of these quotes are anywhere near what he was charged. However...I did notice that the first USPS method listed below the UPS options (First Class Package International) was 10.50... After seeing that, I looked back at the order in my original post, and found the same similarity: He was charged $7.55 - when his lowest UPS quote would have been 13.61...and the USPS Priority Mail was $7.30. Could there be a bug with the method selection screen that allows the first UPS name with the first USPS price? I know I'm grasping at straws here and the figures aren't exact, but so far that's the only thing I have to look at. I don't suppose there's a way to log all variables at or just before checkout?
  12. Nope. Nada. I'm at a total loss here. I wouldn't even have noticed it, except there were some suspicions that the API was returning commercial indicators for some addresses that World Ship had flagged as residential (which turned out to be true). And as I dug through some suspect transactions, I found some 'low' API quotes that had NOT been returned as commercial, but were significantly lower than World Ship was quoting. So I started looking closer, and I find two orders within the last 30 days where the price my site charged the customer was not only too low, but did not exist anywhere in the XML response...not even close. With one address in particular, as I created an order and went through the checkout process, I'm pretty sure I saw correct quotes on the shipping page, but when I got to the confirmation, the price was wrong by 6-7 dollars. I had a hunch that it might have had something to do with the fact that the billing address was international (vs. domestic shipping addy) so I changed the billing address to a domestic address, and the price was right when I went back to confirmation. However, toggling between the two billing addresses did not toggle the price. I saw it wrong only the one time. Once it showed up correctly, I was unable to get it to screw up again. I chalked it up to something that was then cached, and have yet to try and replicate from another browser/machine/ip/account. I'll say this much though...on the event listed above, the timestamp on the response, vs the timestamp on the order itself is ~20 min off. It appears that the customer 'sat' on the payment page for that long before confirmation was made. I thoroughly checked the log...that was the last response that contained that shipping address that day. I'm half wondering if there was some sort of hack, although it seems unlikely.
  13. first I thought this had to do with insurance, but now I'm not so sure. I tried to edit the title but can't, so... I've noticed a few lower than normal UPS quotes of which was about half what it should be - especially with insurance. So I started digging through the request/response log, located the actual response for the transaction, and I find this: <RatedPackage> <TransportationCharges> <CurrencyCode>USD</CurrencyCode> <MonetaryValue>10.49</MonetaryValue> </TransportationCharges> <ServiceOptionsCharges> <CurrencyCode>USD</CurrencyCode> <MonetaryValue>6.30</MonetaryValue> </ServiceOptionsCharges> <TotalCharges> <CurrencyCode>USD</CurrencyCode> <MonetaryValue>16.79</MonetaryValue> </TotalCharges> <Weight>1.0</Weight> <BillingWeight> <UnitOfMeasurement> <Code>LBS</Code> </UnitOfMeasurement> <Weight>1.0</Weight> </BillingWeight> </RatedPackage> <NegotiatedRates> <NetSummaryCharges> <GrandTotal> <CurrencyCode>USD</CurrencyCode> <MonetaryValue>13.61</MonetaryValue> </GrandTotal> </NetSummaryCharges> </NegotiatedRates> That says this quote "should" be $13.61 (per negotiated rate), and if I go to the site, and enter the customer's address info and weight, I do indeed see $13.61. However, this customer was only charged $7.55. $7.55 Does not show up anywhere in the entire response...I've no idea where it got this figure. I do know that this isn't the only time this has happened. I've caught this same type of thing a few times over the last month or so, and I have ZERO idea what's causing it. Any ideas where to start looking for this, or what it is I'm looking for?
  14. @@Jack_mcs I've started having this issue as well. My webhost tells me this: Hello, You are attempting to send email from a address. From[ me]( ) The SPF/DKIM policy does not allow this and we cannot change it. You will need to modify your code to send from a domain you control. Any idea what needs to be done here?
  15. @@Jack_mcs Just got the new version up and running and 3+ part names works beautifully. I have one minor(?) problem: Once you add someone to the ban list, their name no longer appears in the "all customers" list. If I blacklist, but do not ban completely, and later decide to ban completely, I have to remove them from the 'blacklist' before I can edit their status. I changed the query from : $customers_query = tep_db_query("SELECT customers_id, customers_lastname FROM customers where customers_id NOT IN (select customers_id from blacklist) ORDER by " . $sort_order . " ASC"); to: $customers_query = tep_db_query("SELECT customers_id, customers_lastname FROM customers ORDER by " . $sort_order . " ASC"); It appears to work this way, but I wanted to make sure this wouldn't cause a problem I'm not immediately seeing...?