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  1. 73wm73

    Purchase Order Payment Module Add-On for 2.3.1

    I had installed it a couple of times (only required uploading 2 files) and there was no error. However I was unable to edit or uninstall any of my other payment modules. I deleted the two files for the module and uploaded them again for the third time, and it worked this time. Typical - ask for help and it starts working...
  2. 73wm73

    Purchase Order Payment Module Add-On for 2.3.1

    That would be great if only minor changes were required! However I have no idea what those changes would be... If anyone has specifics on a module that works, or specifics on what to change on a particular module that would be super helpful! Kari
  3. Hi, Has anyone found a Purchase Order payment module/add-on for OSCommerce 2.3.1? I've upgraded a client's site and their module was ancient and won't work with 2.3.1. Or maybe there are instructions somewhere on how to covert one of the existing modules to work with 2.3.1? Thanks!