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  1. Gary Tayman

    Notification questions

    Thanks for your help.
  2. I've had my fun recently getting products uploaded and getting things refined. Making lots of progress. The big day arrived yesterday -- I got my first order. All this work is starting to pay off. But with this, I've got a couple questions. First off, is there a way of notifying me directly when an order is placed? What I got was an e-mail from Paypal, saying there was a deposit. Gee, that means there must be an order! Poked around in Admin and found it, sure enough. But I hate to depend on this; is there a more direct way of being notified? Next question, is there a way to configure how the customer is notified? After getting the information on the order, I changed the status from "pending" to "processing." It stays there until I change it to "delivered." But I don't really feel the need to notify the customer of this. After all, I send a message to my supplier to ship the item, then I'm done. If I close it out, the customer will get a delivered message (unless I manually go in and turn it off each time) before it's delivered -- OR, I wait several days and close it out, then the customer gets a message saying it's delivered -- and he already knows that. Just seems like it could be streamlined. Thoughts?
  3. Gary Tayman

    Questions entering products.

    Thanks for the replies. Yes indeed, once I get a few products in place, I will indeed check it out in a few modes. The first few products are crucial; the rest is mostly copy and paste. For example, kick panels -- for a 67 Chevelle without A/C, without speakers, Kicks for a 67 Chevelle WITH A/C without speakers, then with speakers, upgrade speakers, 68 Chevelle, 69, 70, Corvair, Nova, etc., etc., etc. One product, a thousand different SKU's, cut and paste the descriptions, etc. Do the first one, get it right, then copy-paste it to death.
  4. I'm finally at the point of entering a few products. Added the first one, and I have a few questions -- that hopefully aren't too hard. Products Model -- would this be a SKU number? Is this the number that appears below the product name in the description? Products GTIN -- this is new, what is it? Products URL -- there is already a URL for the manufacturer, what would this be? Leave it blank? There might be another question or two before I'm done, but getting there.
  5. Gary Tayman

    Shipping Module Options

    Thanks, I may go that route. I think for the time being I'll make it clear on the website that orders are for continental US only; and foreign customers contact me via e-mail. After things are running and I get a few orders, I might check into the UPS Module. On to loading in the products -- yes, there are a few changes and I've got questions. Will start another thread. Thanks.
  6. Gary Tayman

    Shipping Module Options

    Okay, pardon the frustration and thanks for the help. But here's the deal: years ago I started an online store using Sams Club -- they offered web space with a Business membership. Most of the website was rather cheesy, but the e-commerce section was fairly nice. PAypal, bada bing. UPS shipping, bada bing. So I put product descriptions on my own site, then customers could click on it to buy and it would take them to the Sams site. One day Sams got out of it. So I moved my site to a better location who offered scripts -- including Magento, OS-Commerce, and several others. I tried Magento to no avail. I tried several others. Finally settled on OS-Commerce. Yes there was a learning curve, but overall it wasn't bad -- installed it from the C-Panel, Paypal setup was easy, actually the ONLY thing that was bad was UPS -- which never did get installed right, but I finally went to Table rate. I also made the mistake, at first, where a flat rate was also enabled, and my first order was for a pair of Chevelle kick panels, charged $5 to ship them to Germany! But I do vaguely remember setting uo Table rate so that the shipping was at least close. One day the entire website got hacked. My regular portion was back up and running within ten minutes, but the OS-Commerce got destroyed. For awhile I gave up. This is not my total business, but the store complements it, and I sold the products another way. Recently, as this year's business has been very slow, I decided, out of desperation, to set it up once again. Only this time it seems each step has taken an act of Congress to implement. Installation had to be done manually. Database wouldn't work. Then setup wouldn't work. With each step I've asked for help, was given instructions, followed the instructions, and still didn't work. Turns out many of the problems came from the server -- MySQL problems, outdated PHP, and a lack of help from their end -- where, aside from this episode, they have generally been first class. So anyway, after several weeks I've got OS-Commerce installed. I've got Paypal working. Now I'm back to shipping. Sure enough, UPS is so complicated it's out of the question, so I'm trying once again to use Table rate. Even that is fine, except it appears I have no means of preventing an overseas shipment at a domestic price. I suppose if you wrote the program, you think it's a piece of cake to go in and rewrite a bunch of code to set up UPS. For me it's not. Here's an analogy: I like to restore old recordings. Suppose I give you a turntable so you can digitize vinyl. It's a really good turntable, but it only plays at 62 rpm, and turns counterclockwise. If you have an LP, you must digitize it, calculate the proper bitrate to change it to, to adjust the speed, and reverse the entire file. Huh? I could do this, but you're on your own. If you don't know how to do this, go away. That's how I feel, and why I'm frustrated. Plus the fact that, all the hours spent doing this is not making me money. Back to the Table rate. The zone options are: worldwide, and Florida only. You mentioned removing all other countries -- where do I do that? Is there some way to use Table Rate for US, and Zone rate for elsewhere? I really feel that once I get the shipping configured, I'm ready to start loading products. I've done this before, and should be fairly easy -- unless something else has recently changed to make it nearly impossible.
  7. Gary Tayman

    Shipping Module Options

    No replies, no help. I guess it's impossible to ship using OS-Commerce. That's what I must conclude.
  8. Gary Tayman

    Shipping Module Options

    Tried to edit the last post, won't let me. The problem I'm having with the table rate, I can enter rates that come close to actual, but for continental US only. Anywhere else needs a different method. The Zone setting only gives me two options -- everywhere including the moon, and Florida only. How can I set this to US only?
  9. Gary Tayman

    Shipping Module Options

    Okay, I finally extracted this module and read the text file. It shows the steps for installing this. Holy cannoli, I'm a shop owner -- not a programmer like I suppose everybody else who uses OS-Commerce. Never mind the UPS module. I guess it's the table rate. Any suggestions on how to set up the table rate? I'll be doing it by weight.
  10. Gary Tayman

    Shipping Module Options

    In other words I'll be going out of business long before I can figure out how to ship? Good grief! Really, is every single online store a computer guru? Or will I have to pay three times anything I make, for the privilege of running the store in the first place? This is EXTREMELY discouraging! I thought computers made life EASIER! Edit: I clicked on your link, and found pages and pages of gobbledygook, with no references whatsoever to installing shipping modules. HOW IN THE SAM HILL DO I SHIP????
  11. Gary Tayman

    Shipping Module Options

    Okay, I found UPSMXL 1.6.1 and downloaded it -- onto my computer. It's a ZIP file. NOW WHAT? Uh, do I unzio it? To where? Do I upload something to my catalog directory? I'm sure whatever I do, I'll do it wrong and can't undo it. Next step please!!
  12. Gary Tayman

    Shipping Module Options

    So you modified a UPS module -- great. There IS a UPS module? There are three options for module installs -- per item, table rate, and flat rate. How many hoops do I need to jump through to get a working UPS module?
  13. As stated in another thread elsewhere, a few years ago I set up OS-Commerce, then it got hacked and destroyed. I let a couple years go by, and now I'm trying to set things up once again. Not as easy as last time around, that's for sure. Installation was a mess, but finally it's in place. Paypal setup has changed bigtime, but it looks like I'm set up there too. So now's the next step: shipping. Last time around THIS was a major mess, so before starting I figured I'd ask for advice. Just about all the products will come from one company, which drop-ships the products, UPS, from California. Seems last time I tried to install a UPS module, and it never worked. After inquiring on this forum I was told, no, it won't work. What finally got things in the ballpark was to do something based on weight, like <2, $5, 2-4, $10, 4-6, $14, 6-8, $20, etc. I forget what it did for international. Is something like that still required? For heaven's sake, everybody here has an online store of some kind, it can't be that complicated. How do you manage shipping? Just maybe, once I get the shipping squared away, I can finally start putting in products for sale.
  14. Gary Tayman

    Paypal options

    Now I'm at step two and stuck again. Seems when I did this before, it was not nearly as hard -- just a few clicks here and there and I was in business. But anyway, I'm trying to set up Paypal. As soon as I clicked on the Paypal option, I got an update. Silly me, I clicked on update. Now I've got a page full of options that I don't understand. Status: live, sandbox, or disabled. Huh? Status of what? Customer pays me, I get in it my account. What's a sandbox? I get the impression I'm being stupid by asking this question. Instant update? Uh, okay, yeah, I suppose. If I agree, in what way will it come back to bite me? Express checkout. Uh, same thing. Page style. Blank. Does that mean my page will have no style? Transaction. Authorize or sale. Which one? I'm between a rock and a hard place. Order status. Any clues here? I thought this was just a matter of putting in my e-mail address and maybe a password.
  15. Gary Tayman

    Install problems

    I've got one more question before closing out this thread. Once I get the page looking the way I want it, and at least a few products in place, what's the best way to back it up? Is all the software, all the product descriptions, and everything related in that catalog directory? In other words, if I copy "Catalog" to my local hard drive, is it saving everything, or is the data itself stored elsewhere? Once I get things configured, and a few products in place, I want to start backing it up.