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  1. Gary Tayman

    Discount shippers

    I'm wondering if anyone out there has had experiences, good or bad, with the various discount shipping outfits that are popping up. I have signed onto Stamps.com/Shipstation, with the guarantee that they support OS-Commerce. But now that I've signed on, I can't get any support whatsoever -- not happy. There are others, including Shippo and Pirate Ship, but I don't know what they support. Have any OS-Commerce users dealt with any of these guys? Does it work for you? I'm curious to know. Thanks!
  2. Gary Tayman

    Shipping problems

    I have an online store, in addition to my regular business, and I set it up using OSCOMMERCE. Most of the time I'm EXTREMELY busy, so it's not easy to spend time studying and trying to figure out how to do things. From the beginning, OSCOMMERCE has been great in every respect, except one -- shipping. Getting the shipping right has been a major pain, and once again it has raised its ugly head. The one method that works, most of the time, is Table Rate. For most orders it's pretty close. However for international shipping it's horrible. Case in point: I just received an order for a car stereo and speakers, shipping to Switzerland. OSCOMMERCE charged $26 for shipping. Using the USPS calculation, the price is more like $75. So here I am, embarrassingly sending e-mails, asking for an additional $49 to cover shipping cost. He may pay it, or he may cancel the order. There IS one thing that differentiates domestic from international. My supplier usually ships domestic orders using UPS, while international shipping is USPS. Do you have any suggestions for fixing this? Thanks!
  3. Gary Tayman

    USPS Trouble

    Setting up shipping modules for this has been an absolute nightmare! I posted another thread about UPS. For the time being I've given up on that, and just concentrated on the USPS Module. That one's not working either! If I sign on and buy something as a dummy customer, it tells me that USPS is not working and to call the administrator. On the USPS setup, it asks for my USPS ID and password. For the USPS website, I use my name and a password. Is there another ID besides this? I've triple-checked spelling and spacing; it's all correct. Since I've installed (and removed) a couple of third-party modules for UPS, might this have corrupted one of the OS-Commerce files to the point where USPS will not work? How can I test this?
  4. Gary Tayman

    Shipping Module or bust

    Jim, Thank you VERY much for your response! I am going to try out this module, and try again to get something from UPS. I really like OS-Commerce, and it seems to be fitting my needs, but this is one of just a few bugaboos that I'm trying to tackle. It's still under construction but customers have been finding it and placing orders -- the good news here is that I'm FINDING the bugs before I lose too much money. If I run into more problems with the shipping modules, I'll ask in a new thread. Thanks again!
  5. Just as the title suggests. My "old" e-commerce software (still active for the time being) allows me to process credit cards manually. I thought that newer software does not allow for this, but chatting with a friend, I found he's using a current e-commerce program that indeed provides for it. Can this be done with OS-Commerce?
  6. Gary Tayman

    Shipping Module or bust

    Actually the problem I have, and the concern that has me scratching my head, is not the origination location. Almost all the online orders originate from a place in California, and I can use that ZIP code for shipping purposes -- the few others would be close enough with their calculations. The problem is the ability, rather the inability, to ship via USPS for small items, UPS for most products in the US, and USPS for international. The only "Zone" arguments I see are within Florida vs. outside Florida. This is fine for sales tax but not shipping. With UPS and USPS modules working, I figure I should be somewhat close. If the software picks the cheaper of the two it's most likely correct. But the only UPS module I've found is written by a third party, and is a beta version, and is giving me all sorts of errors. Is it me? When setting this up, I'm asked to input my "XML Access Key" provided by UPS. My WHAT? I haven't the foggiest. For lack of anything better I put in my account number, but I guess it's not right. I spent some 45 minutes on the phone with UPS, and finally they told me they have no idea. So I've given up on the UPS calculation, which is not OS-Commerce anyway. BUT -- out of the OTHER modules which come with the program, how do I configure it so the shipping is something close to accurate, for UPS domestic and USPS international? Forget my own specific products, let's just talk big boxes and little boxes that EVERY online business ships out. How do I set it up? I've already tried the flat rate; it charged a customer $8.50 to send a HUGE box to Germany! No can do. I could live with a "table rate" for domestic, and USPS for international, but I see no way of disabling the table rates for international shipping. Answers?
  7. Gary Tayman

    Shipping Module or bust

    This is VERY frustrating! I've tried several other commerce programs, hated them all, then found OS-Commerce and I love it . . . . . . EXCEPT for one little problem. Shipping. EVERY order has had a shipping screwup, and everything I try makes it worse. The UPS Module I have is beta, and it has never worked for me at all. Flat rates, table rates, etc., don't cut it. Here's what I want to do: My site sells car stereo products, most of which are drop shipped from the factory. The criteria is this: very small parts, USPS Priority Mail. All other products, UPS for the 48 states, USPS Priority Mail for Alaska, Hawaii, and international. Sound familiar? Sound like what MOST merchants would want to do? I cannot find a suitable means of calculating shipping. EVERY online store has shipping; I can't believe OS-Commerce can't handle it. Is there a WORKING UPS module out there? Is there a Table Rate, or individual rate, that applies only to domestic shipping and not international? I never DREAMED that shipping modules would be this impossible. How do OTHERS do it? Suggestions?
  8. Gary Tayman

    Module for UPS

    Point taken, but there's another twist: I want to ship UPS domestic, and USPS for international. Playing around, I see that I can set Zone Rate using some set amounts, with zone 1 being USA. I'm assuming I can use two modules -- Zone and USPS, and US orders will use the zone rates, while international will use USPS? Am I on the right track? If I install the UPS module, is there a way to set it for domestic only, or does the customer choose? The reason I'm trying to figure this out is that I drop ship -- and my supplier uses UPS for all domestic and USPS for international.
  9. Gary Tayman

    Module for UPS

    Okay; I figured out the hard way -- found the add-ons, found the UPS Choice for 2.2 -- I'm using 2.3.1. In any case I uploaded the PHP file to my site. Installed it, and it's there but I cannot edit it. Please tell me, what am I doing wrong? Is this incompatible with 2.3.1? If so, what IS compatible? My main supplier ships everything UPS; I can't believe I picked an e-commerce package that can't recognize UPS!
  10. Gary Tayman

    Module for UPS

    Plain and simple, how do you obtain and install a module for UPS shipping?
  11. Gary Tayman

    How to set up UPS

    Okay, I'm still green on this, and if there's a "OS-COMMERCE For Dummies" book out there I'll be happy to buy it. Overall I've tried several e-commerce programs, and settled on OS-Commerce mainly because I've been able to figure things out on my own, for the most part, and it appears relatively easy to navigate and set up. But now I'm in a dilemma! I've only posted about a quarter of the products on my site so far, with lots of installation to go, and somehow I've got links already -- as I've had no less than FOUR orders this past week! Uh, hey guys, not open yet -- oh well, I'll process your order. The problem is with shipping. Right now the products are defaulting to Table Rate, and a customer was just charged $8.50 to ship a huge box to Germany!!!! Whoops! Should be closer to $200. In any case, I see by perusing other threads that there is a UPS Module that can be installed. Do I get this from you, or do I need to contact UPS? How do I install it? Also, is there a way to set up certain products so that UPS is applied to domestic orders and USPS is used for foreign? This is how the lion's share of my products are shipped. Please advise.