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  1. Thanxx, John :blush: ;) :lol:
  2. Hi Guyyzz, I read the documents and came right, LOL; LOL; LOL; Sometimes it does take a bit longer..... :) :rolleyes: :lol: :D :ph34r: sadly no more!!!
  3. Hi Guyyzz, I installed Easy populate on my database, and it looks good. I tried uploading products in my xls pricelists, but the coloms seem to be in the way. How will i upload spreadsheets of my products?? The splitting of files is no problem :P :blink: :rolleyes:
  4. Eish, Guyyzz I THINK, I did the creation and config of my different files right with the Basic Installation of Easy populate. On going to my oscommerse Store admin/catalog/easypopulate, it says Bad Gateway. Please advise Thanxx