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  1. p0yo77, I noticed that on the categories.php code edit you made to quickly add a previously entered YMM, it will only add tot he following empty YMM box and it would be great if we can figure out how to shift to the very next empty YMM entry box per click. :) -Chris
  2. Hello p0yo77, Thank you for sharing your update on the contribution. I see that the only change you made to the formatting was moving where the $ymm_list begins its declaration and you really didn't change anything with the formatting other than renaming the drop-down/combobox titles. I think you moved the code to a better place but you haven't changed much there. However, as far as your drop-down addition to the categories.php...that's brilliant! Very good idea and it's very much appreciated. amarangos, I would love to share my code, however it has been modified so heavily that I cannot deliver a clean "upgrade" to the contribution page. However, I would love to help you with any questions or things that you need changed on your current OSC install with this YMM contribution. Let me know what you would like to do and I can certainly help point you in the direction you need! Thank you all! -Chris
  3. It is working because I stayed up last night and revised the code! Thanks :)
  4. Hi mods4rides, I don't think I am missing the true beauty and simplicity at all. I have been involved with Amazon & eBay's automotive initiatives since they started and I am quite familiar with the flaws they had and the things they did to improve sales. I have also made a lot of suggestions to try and help them but it's hard to steer ships like those on a dime... Now I don't want to discredit your beliefs in the site you run, nor the great effort put forth by DunWeb and his predecessor on this contribution. What I want to explain to you is simple: On the site that I set up with this YMM contribution, www.stockwiseauto.com, you will find two products: - Timken 513121 - Timken SP580310 When you choose one of the two vehicles in the YMM Box, the one that fits shows up in the middle of the page and that's great...but when you click on a category on the left and browse back to Hub Assemblies, you will see that both of them show up. I have the YMM Box configured to "Yes" for "categories listing". Isn't this supposed to filter what you see on site to the vehicle you selected? If I was to have 50,000 products in all different types of categories...the customer will see everything after he starts browsing categories and not just the parts that fit. Also, the reason why I mention to have either of these show up 1) products that fit the selected YMM 2) products that are universal ...is because if you were to categorize tools to aid a customer doing a brake job in the brake category, these would show up along with the brake pads & rotors that fit...it would be the best situation ideally. If you have a look at your site, it behaves exactly how mine does and I know it's wrong and it will confuse customers. For instance: On your site if you were to select a Toyota FJ 2007, it seems there is 2 products in the performance category that fits...but you cannot narrow them down at all. Do you really think it's helping the customer? When a customer chooses a YMM, we need to filter out anything that has a YMM and doesn't fit, only to leave items that have a YMM or don't have a specified YMM and thus considered "Universal". DunWeb, can you please interject? Thank you, -CK
  5. In addition to this, after adding a few more test products & categories: - Selecting a YMM brings up a page with filter products (not categories like I asked above) and the (OSC Stock)->Browse Categories box shows the fitment counts for the YMM as it should. However, when you click on any of these categories, other parts that shouldn't fit show up there too. - This defeats the purpose of YMM lookup! I feel that on all pages, we need to filter out products that have a YMM entry but don't fit the currently selected vehicle, while leaving products that don't have any YMM entry to show up along products that have a YMM entry that are relevant to the currently selected YMM. - This would be the only way we can have a true YMM filtered site and still offer "universal" parts & products. If you can please help steer me in the right direction! I will poke around the code to gain a greater understanding in the meanwhile. This is major! Please help :) -Chris
  6. Hi Dunweb, I would like to start off with a big THANK YOU! This is brilliant and certainly can be the beginning of a solution I have been looking for to base my aftermarket parts sales ecommerce initiative from. I have been in the auto industry for a bit and have grown extensively with IT. I have dug deep into PHP & MySQL, however Java is a bit new to me. There are a few things I would love to ask you about, but I will begin with the first... If you can take a look at www.stockwiseauto.com, you'll see your contribution there along with the Browse By Categories 2.8 installed and running (found here http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/7959/v,23). I only have one test product up now but here's my question: Would there be an easy way to have the index.php page refresh with these "Browse By Categories" instead of All Products Matching? Meaning, I would like to refresh the main page with a list of all categories available for products matching their YMM. I hope we can establish a casual dialogue regarding this contribution and my question above. Look forward to hearing from you! -Chris StockWiseAuto