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    HI did not consider my self to be lacking but this is as they say doing my head in. try to set up fancy box and it is suggested that ckeditor is added to the site. So I go to addins and do a search for ckeditor and find three versions 1. downloads as a text file bit winzip cannot unzip it. - failure one 2. One downloads a php file but there are no instructions - failure two 3. One downloads a full versio which when unzipped has an admin folder which has an includes folder and an ext folder containing a ckeditor directory - no instructions on how to integrate - failure three I know have two choices, struggle on or open a bottle of Malbec and wait for some help, difficult one that Malbec or ckeditor............ Jesting apart would appreciate a hint or two thanks Ian
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    larger image option

    Hi I have confused myself, I've created a test product and an image 100*80 which I have used the browse button to add to the product. Now as I expected when I view the product in store I see the image and the info tells me it's 100*80 on the product info page there is an option to add a lrger image either by browsing or thumbnail. I created another image 400*300px and called it test_image_400 ( original huh!) I then selected the option to add a larger image and browsed to this image and uploaded. Now when I view the product in store by default I see the larger image and when I click on it I see the larger image also I've search for help and videos on you tube but have failed to find anything. Am I missing some vital step? Is there a better way to have a larger image on click such as kiss image thumbnailer? thanks Ian