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  1. Well, looks like I spoke too soon. When I click Edit (to Edit the USPS mod settings), the right frame with the edit info disappears. I am able to edit the FedEx mod fine, but editing the USPS one makes the frame with the edit info disappear. :(
  2. Ok, thanks. Removing those 2 mods got me back to solid ground, and then realized I'm a complete dufus because I left the older usps.php files in the directory in case the installation went sour and had relabeled both as old-usps.php. Once I removed those, I was able to successfully install the module and it works fine. I guess it didn't like having old files in there, even though I wasn't trying to install them. Thanks for your help and thanks for getting back to me so quickly!
  3. Hmmm.... thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I am clicking the "Install Modules" button under Modules > Shipping, and when that executes, I am not able to edit the available default choices (Rate Table, Flat Rate, etc.) because the frame on the right hand column that pops up that allows me to edit each choice does not pop up. I just re-dropped the 2 usps.php files in their respective directories, after deleting the previous versions completely, and same thing happens. Also have refreshed browsers and cleared cache just to doubly sure. Also wanted to add that the Install Modules button reads (6) next to it, but when it executes, only 3 default choices are there. Any thoughts?
  4. Also wanted to mention we have the FedEx module currently installed and it is still working fine and editable. Thanks!
  5. Having trouble getting this installed correctly. Using v.2.3.1 with USPS Methods 5.2.2. Think we've properly installed the contribution, but when we go to click Install Module, USPS Methods doesn't show up nor is the frame with the edit options for each module visible. We uninstalled the USPS module prior to installation, and but didn't actually delete any files on the back end. Nor have we done any edits to the db. Rest of Admin appears to be working ok, including other modules like Payment. I'm sure this is a simple fix, but where would we go to find out where the fault lies? Thanks for your help!