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  1. hi


    What I don't understand is the purpose of being able to add items to somebody's already completed order if (in the process) you are not sending it back to the shopping cart for more payment? Are we just adding these items to their order for free or am I missing something here?


    if your customer purchases 1 xlarge t-shirt in color blue - but wen you process the order, you learn the item has sold out (stock was counted wrong or something)

    Its a nice feature to be able to change the t-shirt to e.g. red color, if the customer agrees to take a different product.


    Any progress on getting this to work with 2.3.1?


    I appreciate that there is a need for modifying orders, for one reason or another, let's be honest we don't live in a perfect world. However it does raise business concerns about potential theft and lack of audit trail, ie adjustment invoice number, credit notes, or a simple revised by?? On date etc.


    In the situation which the modified order does change price due to out of stock, different attribute cost etc, how do you process the payment by the existing payment gateway or method.


    If a customer wants to add another product to the order then a better approach would be to create a new order. You want the sale now so why risk telling the customer to go back online and place order with the risk of then not following through with the order. We all want to make it as easy as possible for the customer.

    Another situation where payment processing is required in the admin is for phone orders. It makes sense to have the ability, while customer is on the phone, to in admin create an order (manual order editor), then edit the order (order editor) , then process the payment (??)

    Is there a contrib that uses the catalog payment modules in the admin section to process payments?


    Currently we have created a dummy customer account (in catalog) select the products and process the order and payment with the customer payment details, then in admin we create a manual order then edit to match the actual order. Then we go into the dummy account order and edit it so that it has 0 products and cost so that stock levels and totals balance. Very long and not ideal.


    Any suggestions or contribs I have missed.


    Thank you


    Ps. Keep up the good work oscommerce community.