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  1. Are this instability problems solved with the latest php 5.3.14 ? This release have to fix more than thirty security vulnerabilities ...
  2. My namespace is ok and I'am working on the Master Branch. Weah I already look the getModules app. My work is in the Custom folder (OM/Custom/Site/Admin/Module/Dashboard/newFile.php) and it doesn't work, when I create an empty File in the Core (OM/Core/Site/Admin/Module/Dashboard/newFile.php) so it works. A little bit strange, isn't it ?
  3. Hi Harald, Sorry to disturd but this time it's not the cache. When I put my new file in the OM/Custom/Site/Admin/Module/Dashboard/newFile.php the module not appear in the admin. But when I put it in the OM/Core/Site/Admin/Module/Dashboard/newFile.php it's ok and the Custom's file is the master. Thank you, Fred
  4. I'll keep you informed ... About the stats, Did you choose an api ?
  5. This is an add-on made to work with professional customers. :ph34r: It is close to be ready ... :-
  6. There is no problem, but when I put my add-on in the custom folder without cleaning the cache I doesn't appear in the Admin. Why it is not possible that the cache troubleshooting this situation ?
  7. Too much Fred ... Lol Hi Harald, I am referring to the osCommerce/OM/Work/Cache After cleaning this, all is ok ! Sorry for the disturb. Fred II
  8. Sorry !!!! Clean the cache, Clean the cache and clean the cache ...
  9. Hi Harald, I work on an application and when the file is in /OM/Core/Site/Admin all is ok But when I put it in /OM/Custom/Site/Admin I can't see it in the Admin. Did I miss something ?? Regards, Fred
  10. Well done Harald ! I see another (small) problem ... in the Core/Site/Admin/Application/Customers/page/section_addressBook.php the following funtions showNewAddressForm() and showEditAddressForm() contain this code : function showEditAddressForm(id) { $('#sectionMenuContainer').animate({'opacity': '0.30'}, 'fast').children().attr('disabled', true); $('#formButtons').animate({'opacity': '0.30'}, 'fast').children().attr('disabled', true); But Firefox, Chrome, ... and other browsers disable DOM events on form fields. So the buttons are still clickable and the section appears and ... :x In the admin, the importance is low because someone can, at worst, change a value he is not careful but I wondering if this kind of method is used in the Shop side ???? with evil customers .... Best regards,
  11. Yes we can !!! (it's not a slogan) >_< or maybe a '1' Now we can change this files : Core / Site / Admin / Application / Customers / pages / section_personal.php Core / Site / Admin / Application / Customers / pages / section_newsletters.php and perhaps others ... i will report if I find
  12. The checkboxes in the Admin are defined with true / false parameter in the applications but the HTML::chekboxField function needs a true / null parameter. I give an exemple, file Core/Site/Admin/Application/Customers/page/scetion_personnal.php <p><label for="status"><?php echo OSCOM::getDef('field_status'); ?></label><?php echo HTML::checkboxField('status', null, ($new_customer ? true : ($OSCOM_ObjectInfo->get('customers_status') == '1'))); ?></p> with this code when the 'customers_status' = 0 the customer line is red in the main table but when you clic to edit the status checkbox is still 'on'. I think this code should be better : <p><label for="status"><?php echo OSCOM::getDef('field_status'); ?></label><?php echo HTML::checkboxField('status', null, ($new_customer ? true : ($OSCOM_ObjectInfo->get('customers_status') == '1' ? true : null))); ?></p> Am I true ?
  13. No sense for me I agree with the cookie session, furthermore the cookie are now mostly properly accepted by the smartphone
  14. Laurent, I'm here if I can be helpful to translate .... Fred
  15. Hi Laurent, I'm following this interesting subject. I'm wondering if the effect will be different on the catalog between a 0 (inactive) and -1 (blocked) customer ?