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  1. I stop to work ... good luck to all

  2. coding is a game ... or long long nap I've got a e, a r and a t on my face

  3. coding is a game ... or long long nap

  4. coding is a game ... or long long nap

  5. Ok it works when I rename the Oscommerce/OM/Custom/Site/Website/Languages in 'languages' view this commit Thank you, Best regards
  6. Yes it is. I download the files now and I install fresh but .... This commit is OK ! I'm still looking why ...
  7. Hi, This is what I see on the new Osc Website view The links to the languages files failed. Fred
  8. Love the new admin design

    1. Harald Ponce de Leon

      Harald Ponce de Leon

      It will look even better once jQuery UI 1.9 is ready!

  9. For postgre, I think nothing : Harald had already do that. He's actually working on the "product" manager. And the "order" manager is missing too. We do'nt know ... The next v3.0.3 is close but it's not a candidate production ready !
  10. The next release of v3 will be able to turn on Postgre. you can follow this on the Harald Github : https://github.com/haraldpdl
  11. Hi Shooray, If you have followed the github you would know that the postgreSQL support have been done the september 21 and 23 by Harald. It is the danger to work on a alpha ... Fred
  12. Foayiid

    Edit Order in Admin

    The order management is not available yet in the v3. Is expected in the next 3.0.4 ! (3.0.3 ->products management) Be patient
  13. The matter is extensive .... The devlopment on the v3 is harder than the v2. This is a OOP with PHP5 and many other things that make the job safer but less easy. I fear that if you ask how to create an add-on it is because you have not looked at the source or you did not understand it ... Be careful, the v3 is not finished so this kind of work could be done by the development team in the next or in the release version.
  14. Foayiid

    Edit Order in Admin

    The V3.0 alpha 5 is an old framwork. Please use the v2.3 for a production or wait the candidate release of v3.0 (in few months)