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    Get 1 Free

    the 1.4.2 that say Just a merging of 2 confusing steps in the install document. COMPLETE PACKAGE have the 1.4.1 after you open the zip file and the file in question still missing
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    Get 1 Free

    ok Tks Jim :) Regards
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    Get 1 Free

    Hi hello in the install.txt talk about one catalog/admin/includes/functions/get_1_free.php but that file dont come ! did i miss something?
  4. i think what is need is something like : - enum field named upload (0;1) on products table - for yes or no - varchar field named upload_image on the products for the image text a if or a case on the product_info.php 0 - no field 1 - show the field php script for upload files to a past new varchar field named upload on the orders table on confirm payment send the varchar field on the products to the varchar fiel on the orders on the admin put the orders.php read the upload field if exist the admin read the orders with the new field with a link to get it any one??
  5. Hi hello all A look and read a lot of post and test some add-ons and i didn't find what i need. Im working in a 2.3 project and i need to find a way to let my customers to customize some particular product our products (but not all of my products) with a upload image (jpg,png or gif) option. And that the upload image are from some way related with that especific order. Anyone know of the existence of the add-on like this ? Anyone have this kind off option runnig in a 2.3? Tks
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    Simple Visitor Newsletter

    Hi i need some help here! I install the Simple Visitor Newsletter With HTML Support, Bulk Mail and Admin v 2.2 Some work to install in the osC2.3 but ok Theres a bug in the admin , wend you go by hand put a new email there ,and the email is already in the db just return a page with a error: 1062 - Duplicate entry 'test@msn.com' for key 'PRIMARY' insert into visitors_email (email) values ('test@msn.com') any idea to resolve this ? help please Tks