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  1. I see that I am not the only one to discover the woes of Template monster. I purchased a template from them ...you know the routine...Missing files all over. I paid through Paypal and I have now opened a claim against them. The FREE web hosting site they are offering when you purchase a template is a complete scam. It is based in China with false phone numbers and fake emails. when I tried to sign up with the site , it gave an error code...sent in a claim ticket and was told wait was 18 minutes that turned into 26 hours. awesome ?!I was smart enough to look up that company's BBB report which is terrible. Before you say Bree why didn't you do that for Template Monster...well I did....I looked up online reviews ...BTW most are fake. Sigh....The best part though I think is that I opened a claim against them and they locked me out of my Template. ( I Dl'd it already) Saying I am under investigation..seriously? don't use this company and be very careful of any 'like this....they get offer a service to upload your template for you if you have problems...cost lots of money...I think you get where I am going with that... Best of luck to all....Bree