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  1. shsram

    [Addon} Modular SEO Header Tags

    It is very annoying because this contribution is the only one I saw so far where it lets you input your keywords and meta tags etc. I'm having a problem with my main page with this to input display the key words properly and I really taught this contribution would have helped.
  2. shsram

    [Addon} Modular SEO Header Tags

    Hi I was looking at the error which I got and noticed the following. Each module where you have to input some info gives the: "Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class language in /home/content/26/7698926/html/catalog/includes/classes/language.php on line 16" i.e. All Pages Title - String, Category Title, Front Page - Description, Front Page - Title, Front Page - Store Name in Title, Other Pages Title - String,Product Title - String modules. What I also noticed is that a particular module( I can't remember right now) had the following words in the description "Illyricum cunctamque Graeciam tueatur" which is latin. When I looked at my language.php file located in the classes directory I noticed It didn't have latin any where in the languages array. Could this be one of the problems which would cause the error because once the module installs it installs with the above description? I'm just throwing this out to see if this can lead to a solution.
  3. shsram

    [Addon} Modular SEO Header Tags

    Hi I installed your module and when I installed the "All Pages Title - String" mdoule I got the following error: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class language in /home/content/26/7698926/html/catalog/includes/classes/language.php on line 16. If I set the status to false the error is not there. Any suggestions to fix this error?