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  1. SupTech

    Recaptcha v3 announcement

    Artcolnc I have version v2.3.1 PHP version 7.1.31
  2. SupTech

    Recaptcha v3 announcement

    How do you add the Google reCapatcha to the backend of Oscommerce? Where do you enter in the site key and secret key to the contact form and create an account form? Anyone know?
  3. The Paypal Standard does not show as an option to install under payments. The other paypal options show. Is there a reason for this and how would you add it as an option?
  4. I do not see the Paypal website Standard Module listed when I select the Install Modules. The other paypal options are there but that one. How do you add it as a module option? Any help appreciated.
  5. SupTech

    FedEx - Web Services v9

    So how do you actually test the Fedex web services? I have a spot to put the meter# and account# but where does the developer# and password go? Can anyone please help. Thanks.