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  1. Ok i'm gonna try to maybe create a new box that (hopefully) just contains a header, possible by using your generic_box tut, and try to place it above the BM_accordians_menu.. Thanks Memzz
  2. Hi Ive uploaded the code and it works fine...... except that i only want it to function when people are browsing by type (not by manufacturer)... Any ideas??

    Thanks in advance, Memzz

  3. Any ideas how i would go about doing that? memzz
  4. Thanks Jim but no that didn't work.. it said there was an unexpected '.'.... I was thinking that i could insert <div class="ui-widget-header ui-corner-top infoBoxHeading"> inside column_left.php above where the accordian menu is called... but i'm having trouble finding where exactly to place it? Any ideas? Thanks, Mem
  5. Hi Jim Memzz again... hope all is well... I really want a headerBox above my accordian menu... ive located this bit of code on line 240 of bm_categories_accordian: $data = ' <div id="categoriesMenu">' . PHP_EOL; ' <div class="ui-widget-header ui-corner-top infoBoxHeading">' . MODULE_BOXES_CATEGORIES_BOX_TITLE . '</div>' . Which i'm presuming should make my header show.... but its not working... I've double checked MODULE_BOXES_CATEGORIES_BOX_TITLE and all seems fine there... any ideas? Thanks in advance, Memzz