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  1. I have a dumb question.


    When i add a new product there aren't any defined fields for year make and model.


    How does the contribution sort through my products to generate the YMM's that are available in my store?


    Would i create a new table for year make and model and drop in the OSC ID for the particular product?


    Can someone provide me a link to a working example?


    Thank you very much!


  2. Please Help...

    Hello everyone, i just installed the multi-store contribution. Everything seems to have set up properly.

    In reading through the forums, i think what i'm supposed to do is set up the main OSC, then copy the entire directory (without admin) into a new folder on my server which i have done. I then went into my main admin area and set the paths WS+FS to point to the proper folders for each store.

    The only issue i seem to be having at this point is when i assign categories to the stores. When i add a category to the main store it shows up in both stores. When i add a category to the child store it doesn’t show up in either store. I do have them set to different configurations (configuration, configuration2) in the multi store admin.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Best Regards,



  3. I tried using the FedEx module. When i called FEDEX to get the account information, they stated that becuase i was using OSC they told me they would not support me. I ended up going with a user contribution that calculated the shipping charge based on zones and weight. You can adjust the pricing via MyPHPAdmin. It works great! I'm currently installing a second contribution from "KDM" that should allow me to calculate the price based on box size. By using this contribution i now can choose what company i want to ship through depending on the price.

  4. Hello Mandy,


    I'm having the same issues, but your ahead of me :)


    Could you show me an example of how you set the zones?


    I want 5 zones across the USA encompassing multiple states per zone.


    This is what i tried:

    Zone 1 Shipping Table = 1:20.00,2:25.00,3:30.00,4:35.00,5:40.00


    What i don't quite understand is how to set the number of zones:

    Zone 1 Countries i have:




    And so forth.


    I need to set up four more zones, thats if what i have above is even close to be correct.






    Hi all,


    None of my shipping modules are showing on the checkout_shipping page although I have zones, tax classes and rates all defined. I'm on2.2RC2a, php 5. I defined zones as Zone 1, Zone 2, etc and all countries are in each appropriate zone (not double) and no countries left out. My checkout_shipping page is unmodified, so no conflicts, but the customer recieves the "This is the only method...) with nothing showing and no continue button. If I disactivate the module I have the normal page but of course no shipping and the next pages including payment work perfectly. Just NO shipping.


    There is no whitespace in the files either.


    Where have I gone wrong????



  5. Good Morning!


    What a interesting phone call with FedEx's Integration Team. I got shut down as soon as i mentioned OSC. She told me to come back here and see if anyone could point me in the right direction to obtain a web service key.


    She was very rude saying that someone should have included a way to obtain the key. But should they tell me how to get my darn key!!!!! I'm using this ad-on: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/7977 If anyone else has solved this issues with FedEx please reply.


    I do have and acct # a MeterID, shoot we ship TONS through them, is a little help form them to much to ask


  6. Thank you, i did find the proper download w/ the SQL. Unfortunetly i can get anything but the free shipping to display on my checkout. I have posted a topic here:http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/375094-shipping-only-shows-free-shipping/


    Thanks for responding to me!



  7. Hi Scott,


    When you installed your copy, did it have you add anything to the database? My install seems to be looking for a few missing columns in that database.


    Thank you!


    Hi All, I'm trying to install this mod with no luck... I can't even get Fedex to display in checkout_shipping?


    I get no errors, no meter ID and nothing (even though the mod is enabled) shows in checkout shipping.


    I know this is mod is near the end of life, however, I was hoping the community comes up with something that works with Fedex Automatic Labels (ultimately where I'm hoping to go with this) before spring 2012.


    I have called fedex tech support, and confirmed my account number is good, but... They can't tell me if my site has made a request for a meter ID, only that one has not been issued. I have tried every combination of setting I found in the forum with no luck. It's running on my VPS with openSSL, I get nothing from the "debug mode" (prob cause its not talking with Fedex?), I tried 2.07.1 and .2 patches, I tried disabling my UPS and Can Post Mods to see if it would make any diference and still nothing.


    I have copied by settings below... Hope someone can help!


    Enable Fedex Shipping
    Your Fedex Account Number
    Your Fedex Meter ID
    cURL Path
    Debug Mode
    Weight Units
    Which server to use
    First line of street address
    *** ******** Rd.
    Second line of street address
    Unit 5
    City name
    State or Province name
    Postal code
    Phone number
    Drop off type
    Display Transit Times
    Fedex surcharge?
    Show List Rates?
    Residential surcharge?
    Enable Envelope Rates?
    Sort rates:
    High to Low
    Timeout in Seconds
    Max. weight
    Max. quantity of ship boxes
    Tax Class
    GST/HST Shipping
    Tier 1 Discount Weight
    Tier 1 Discount Percent
    Tier 2 Discount Weight
    Tier 2 Discount Percent
    Sort Order
    Shipping Zone

  8. Hello everyone!


    I just installed the add-on : http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/1462 "Fedex Real Time Quotes"


    I have update all the required information in the module. I'm getting a SQL error:


    1054 - Unknown column 'products_ship_sep' in 'where clause'

    select products_id, products_price, products_tax_class_id, products_weight from products where products_id = '49' and products_ship_sep = '0'

    [TEP STOP]


    It can't find a column in the database. The install i downloaded didn't come with a .sql file for updating the database.


    Any help is greatly appreciated!



  9. Contribution page: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1462


    VERSION 2.06


    1. Added per product check box for "Ship Seperate" designation so that

    FedEx will now generate item seperate quotes when desired (heavy items...)

    2. Added ability to disable the module entirely by weight limit or box


    3. Products not checked "Ship Seperately" continue to be processed per your

    stores existing configuration.

    4. In Checkout_shipping, the customer now sees an item count and total weight,

    along with an accurate quote for the entire order!


    Includes Zone support (V 2.05)


    Any donations to help offset our development cost is appreciated. See the readme.txt


    Please post any feedback or issues or suggestions for further improvement.








    Hello Road Doc!


    I just installed your FedEx add-on. May i ask a question?


    I don't have all of my FedEx info inserted into the module yet, waiting to talk to our fedex rep. I'm getting the following error:

    1054 - Unknown column 'products_ship_sep' in 'where clause'
    select products_id, products_price, products_tax_class_id, products_weight from products where products_id = '49' and products_ship_sep = '0'
    [TEP STOP]


    It looks like it can't find a column in the database named products_ship_sep. In the file i downloaded there wans't a sql update.


    Thank you for your help!



  10. Good Afternoon Everyone!


    Does anyone know of a generic shipping calculator?


    We are going to use FedEx as our only option for shipping, but we don't want to tie into there system if it sens a request for them to pick up the package. Our products are mainly custom made so it takes a few days to weeks before its ready to ship.


    Thank you!



  11. Good Morning!


    I have download and installed OSC, OSC_Affiliate, and Affiliate_branding. I have install all items following directions very carefully. I can still get into and use the admin section on OSC, but when i try to view the cart i get the following error:


    Fatal error: Call to undefined function tep_output_string() in D:\hshome\aaron\griffinrad.com\catalog\includes\functions\html_output.php on line 81


    the code on line 81:

    // alt is added to the img tag even if it is null to prevent browsers from outputting

    // the image filename as default

    $image = '<img src="' . tep_output_string($src) . '" border="0" alt="' . tep_output_string($alt) . '"';


    Has anyone ran into this issue that can help? Thank you!



  12. Good Morning!


    I can't seem to find where i "add" a new affiliate. I believe everything installed correctly, i see the affiliate info boxes in my configuration area, and can set values and such.


    I have it up public for demo and trouble shooting: www.griffinrad.com/admin


    Could someone tell how to add affilaites?


    Thank you!


  13. Hello!


    I have just installed the osC Affiliate add-on. So far it seems to work. I haven't been able to figure out how to add a new affiliate. Could you steer me in the right direction?


    Thank you,



    I haven't completely got it working yet either. There are a number of issues I have come across:


    1. The "$HTTP_POST_VARS", "$HTTP_GET_VARS" etc. all need changing to "$_POST", $GET" etc. to bring them up-to-date.
    2. Have come across some files which have "<?" instead of "<?php" which needs to be changed to avoid ambiguity as "<?" won't correctly parse as PHP on some server configurations.
    3. I also haven't managed to get the images to display on banner links, although the text versions work just fine and both types of link at least take you to the correct page on the site, so it looks like the code to select and display the image needs re-working somehow.

    Unfortunately, it looks like the original developers of this mod are no longer working on it, :( so we're going to have to work this stuff out ourselves. Still, it should be a lot less work than trying to write the whole thing from scratch huh?!?:)



    In the meantime, it is now 5:00am and I need to get some shut-eye...

  14. Hi TracyS!


    I have been searching these forums looking for light w/ the osC Affiliate Add-on. I got int installed and it seems to run, but i can't find where to add a affiliate to it. I noticed you had asked the same. Did you get an answer :)


    Any info is greatly appreciated!



  15. I apologize if I've missed this information somewhere in this thread - I tried google searching, but I only know how to search the oscommerce support forums - but not the individual threads.


    I just installed osc Affiliate v2.8 Nov 09 on my test server. I think things are working but it's hard to tell. Are there any instructions on where to find things - like how to setup an affiliate account?


    I was hoping to have the ability in the Admin area to create an affiliate account for our clients rather than making them do it. Is this an option?


    Some people may not have their own website to advertise on - is there a way to let them create an affiliate account without having their own site?


    I can't seem to find how to let an affiliate simply link to the home page or a category page rather than a specific product page. Is there a way to do this? (I've seen the question in the forums, but have found no answers yet).


    The javascript popup windows aren't working (for the ? marks on affiliate_summary.php for example)- has anyone else experienced this difficulty.


    Occasionally we need to change a customers order on the website (we have a module installed for that) and it changes their total. Will this module automatically see the difference in the changed orders total?


    I do have a lot of other contributions installed on this site currently, so I am sure there will be some custom coding happening here and there to get things running smoothly - so far though I haven't found anything that I need to do - so if you happen to already know of any changes needing to happen for STS Templates, Master Products or Separate Pricing Per Customer contributions please let me know. Those are the most likely candidates IMHO that may cause a need for some custom coding.


    Thanks in advance for any suggestions or assistance you may offer :)