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  1. Rev0lt

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Thanks, got it working. :) I was putting 2 in the first 'OPTIONS_ENABLED_INCLUDE_TAX' but not in the one further down.
  2. Rev0lt

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Hi Jack, It won't let me set it there - it will only allow for US states, even when I have set my Country to Australia.. unless there's another way. >>>> Tax & Shipping Overview The tax setting should only be used for merchants submitting feeds to the US. Please do not use this setting if you are not submitting feeds to the US. For all other countries, it is required to submit prices which are tax inclusive.
  3. Rev0lt

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Sorry for the basic question, but I can't get tax working at all, using ver 2.9. The feed is showing excluding Tax, but I am in Australia and have to show 10% tax. I searched this thread and found some similar questions from users with 2.8, but the solution was fixed in 2.9..? What do I have to set to show 10% tax? Thanks I have messed around with the following, but must not have got the right combo. define('OPTIONS_ENABLED_INCLUDE_TAX', 1); define('OPTIONS_TAX_RATE' , '10.0'); define('OPTIONS_TAX_CALC', (OPTIONS_ENABLED_INCLUDE_TAX define('OPTIONS_TAX_STRING'
  4. Hi, I have a header tags mod installed that shows the title as: SiteName :: Category :: Product. I am wondering if there is a way to add the product price automatically to the title? I am getting good positions in google now, but my links look identical to the (more expensive) competitors. Thanks!
  5. The Club OsCommerce contribution for this DOES work.. I must have messed up somewhere when cutting and pasting. :)
  6. Hi, I have tried the Club osCommerce walkthrough on how to add this info to the shopping cart ( http://www.clubosc.c...e-shipping.html ) but that doesn't work for me on 2.3.1. I actually want it to show up in header.php (I have a mini-shopping cart in the header showing how many items are in the cart). When using this walkthrough, it correctly shows the "Spend $75 more to receive free shipping" but as soon as any item is in the cart, regardless of value, the whole thing disappears. There are also some contributions that add this to the shopping cart in MS2, but I can't figure out how to get it to work in the header in 2.3.1. Is there any easy way to add this to the header? Surely there is a simple way of having a value (in my case, $75), then comparing that to the shopping cart total and calculating the difference, then once over that limit, changing the text. Thanks heaps for any help! Trent