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  1. Hello>> I just installed the discount module with all updates... unfortunately, I dont see the discount coming off the price in Paypal...

    Also, Is there a way to do a discount percentage? I believe this only does a discount amount..

    Thanks for your help and the contribution!!!

  2. Hello Julian... thanks for the advice on fixing my slideshow.. it is greatly apreciated...

    one more problem and i will be done with this add-on. Is there a way to change the background color to something other than white? it doesnt look good on my site with the extra white space...


    i have tried to change it in the slideshow php file but nothing happened

  3. i tried downloding your paypal express coupon fix. but it keeps tellinig me that it's not a valid archive. can you email it to rborza@getmaxxed.com? thanks a lot!!!