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  1. The additional images...
  2. Having a rather weird problem on one of my ecommerce websites. The first one (indicated by threaddoctor-paypal.jpg) correctly pushes the selected shipping to PayPal and shows even before logging in. However, on our second ecommerce website this does not happen as shown by picture mtnb-paypal.jpg. Even before logging it will only show the Item total and no shipping. Then when you log in it appears to quickly show you the selected shipping method from the ecommerce website (shown in mtnb-paypal2.jpg) But then quickly reverts to the lowest shipping cost (shown in mtnb-paypal3.jpg) Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also these two websites use the same PayPal account for processing so it shouldnt be anything to do with the internal settings of the PayPal account. Thank you in advance for any information or suggestions.
  3. Did you adjust settings or add another addon after yours was working? No issues on my site at all.
  4. Appears this is working now. Only problem I am having is it is in descending order (highest price first and lowest price last) Anyway to adjust that? I am using USPS Methods 6.4
  5. Nevermind. Great mod! Happy labor day everyone!
  6. Bump still have this issue
  7. Fixed issue. Nevermind!
  8. Has anyone successfully been able to get PayPal Payments Advanced to work with their osCommerce 2.3.3?
  9. I am using osCommerce 2.3.3 (used to be osCommerce 2.3.1) and PayPal Payments Advanced is not working. It was an easy installation and followed the steps provided by PayPal's YouTube video; also found that some of that information was wrong and corrected it. However, upon receiving an order it completes the transaction but there is no information shown on the osC 2.3.3 order page nor do we (or the customer) receive a notification that order was processed. We are using PayPal Payments Pro currently which works fantastic but would love to be able to use the PayPal Payments Advanced because we do not use a virtual terminal to do transactions. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  10. And Amazon says that osCommerce should have an update for the plugin. Appears we will not be getting help from them lol
  11. Anyone figure this out. If not would anyone be interested if I recoded this and published it? On the phone with Amazon right now but they do not have the latest code.
  12. Figured it out. Someone removed the sitemap.js out of the <catalog root>/javascript folder
  13. All of a sudden the Sitemap SEO product add-ons do not work (ie: Related Products & Related Manufactures) When you click on them they do not expand. There has not been any add-ons except for new products and manufactures but no source code edits. You can take a look here - Also the Sitemap is perfectly fine when you click on Hide / Show Products
  14. Is anyone able to get the Bing Feeder to work? I click on it and it just shows up blank and no feed is created. Using the v2.9 version.