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  1. Hi guys, I have installed the specific addon and works great with 3 zones. What i would like to do is give the customers the option to choose between 2 shipping methods based again on their country. So i suppose that i need to add one more table for each zone. I do click on Pages Setting - MultiGeoZone MultiTable Shipping and choose to have 2 Number of Tables per Geo Zone but no changes are applied on Modules - Shipping. Can someone please advise? Thank you in advance
  2. Hi guys, I have installed MZMT v2.3.x R1 on OsCommerce 2.3 and i would like to do the following: Any ideas on how to do it? Thanks
  3. Hi guys, I have installed QTpro 4.6.1 on OsCommerce 2.3. I add attributes with stock to a specific product with success. The problem occurs when i delete those attributes. The options are still shown in the stocks table in product_info.php although i deleted everything in admin/products attributes and admin/stocks. Any ideas?
  4. Miroku

    Paypal Checkout Express Problem

    any ideas about it?
  5. Miroku

    Paypal Checkout Express Problem

    http://www.unistat.com.cy/ Just try ti make a purchase using paypal checkout. No need for creating an account.
  6. Miroku

    Paypal Checkout Express Problem

    I have enabled the table method based on the price
  7. Miroku

    Paypal Checkout Express Problem

    Hello, I have installed Paypal checkout Express payment module on OsCommerce 2.3.1 and entered the API Credentials properly. When i add products to the shopping card and the try to checkout it gives me the following error in a red bar on the top : Invalid shipping options; you must specify a name and amount for each shipping option type. I also get the following debug message via email : $HTTP_POST_VARS: $HTTP_GET_VARS: Any idea about it? Thank you in advance
  8. Hello guys, i have recently install the "Easy CSV" contribution My link which allows me to import some products data. But the issue is that i have also installed the SPPC contribution and now I have to also import some more prices per product. Therefore i must add some more columns in the csv file. Does anyone know how to do that? I would really appreciate it if anyone could help me since i cannot find the solution anywhere. Thanks a lot in advance