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  1. I agree the addition is much welcome, and makes me want to share the tweaks I've found helped my store display multiple makes/models better. With standard CSS parts that fit a GMC or a Chevrolet truck are quite an eyesore. image hosting service after tinkering with the stylesheet.css I came up with this: post image wordpress To get this changed modify your stylesheet.css specifically for YMM to: #ymm ul li { list-style-type: none; width:180px; margin:10px 0 0 0; padding:0 5px 0 0; line-height:10px; float:left; display:inline; } #ymmopt ul li { list-style-type: none; width:180px; margin:10px 0 0 0; padding:0 5px 0 0; line-height:10px; float:left; display:inline; } You can find those at the very bottom of the drop on top files.
  2. I've got EP installed and working great. I stumbled into the information on page 129 for osc 2.3.1 image support. I stared at this for quite some time and have been unsuccessful at updating for the new image table. Could you supply your EP file so I can diff it and then figure out where you put the code snips? Thanks
  3. I think you're missing the true beauty and simplicity that this modification brings. On my store if you select Jeep and GO you will find pages and pages of parts. If you decide to narrow it by clicking on performance (showing 21 jeep products) You wouldn't see the MSD ignition as that is a universal part. You state the other parts that shouldn't fit show up.... That only happens on mine if I didn't set a make and model. NO make/model means it is universal.... so the receiver plug that says Ford shows in "towing" regardless of brand, because the rig on the trailer may be a jeep and be towed by a Ford. Don't overly limit what your customers can see as you may limit your sales.
  4. Frustration set in not being able to figure out this riddle you left me with as when I installed a contribution that would allow me to view product_model in the admin side I still couldn't find any duplication. I finally gave up and decided to delete an offending part from the database and noticed i could chose which category to delete it from. Every search by using the product_model only returned the main category. Deleting from the 2nd category resolved the issue. Thanks, in a round about way. Is there an easier way to find what products are in multiple categories other than stumbling on to them?
  5. Are you giving me brainstorm ideas or have you determined after looking at the site that this is what is happening? The parts I'm speaking of are not linked in other categories and the url states they are the same products_id. I have noticed that in the admin section of the catalog if I search for the product by name it selects it twice though the url has a slight difference: cPath=132&pID=30545&action=new_product_preview vs cPath=137&pID=30545&action=new_product_preview I have also noticed that while filtered the category counts each item so when I only have 2 parts it shows a count of 4. I appreciate your assistance.
  6. New 2.3.1 store, module r01 installed and approx 30K parts in database with a handful tagged for filtering. I'm noticing that some parts show up duplicated. Not all parts not all makes. If you filter by Jeep TJ unlimited http://mods4rides.dyndns.org you will notice a few parts are duplicated. 3 of the 10 parts are duplicated. I used all drop on top files and then thought maybe they had an issue so I took the readme steps and applied them to as many files as I thought could cause this yet no change. Suggestions?
  7. Still looking for suggestions on where to start looking..... Anyone?
  8. I don't know what file is triggering the query I've listed above and I'm not really sure how to diagnose and I don't know it well enough to stare and compare each file that was modified. Suggestions where and how to start?
  9. 2.2rc2a with most of the upgrades done to get it to 2.3. I tried your package of YMM prior and when I posted for support in your thread you pointed me to this addon that I'm struggling with now.
  10. Hello, I've added the Year Make Model contribution found here: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/6684 Auto installer seemed to work just fine. First visit to the page and it seemed like my web server just stopped in its tracks. mysqld process was at 96% cpu usage. eventually the query times out, yet I can't figure out what is in error to cause the crippling of the web page. I checked mysql server dataconnections and get this information: Is there something I'm not doing correctly or could do to get better results? I've emailed the contributor, alas he is busy and unable to support the addin at this time. Anyone willing to assist me? Alex
  11. I've sent you a PM. I'm hesitant to run the other addon due to the "auto installer" and I don't want it to break a production environment store. Thanks Alex
  12. I'm still new to using OSC and I've attempted to install this module yet i'm stuck. In the read me file step 10 is: 10] install box from Admin >> Modules >>Boxes I'm running OSC v2.2 RC2a with only a few modifications. I followed the manual route of editing of the files. The folders inside zipfile for YMM2.3.x has drop on top files>admin>includes> and newfiles>includes>modules>boxes. Inside the boxes folder there is a file named BM_year_make_model.php. MY version of OSC doesn't have an admin/modules/boxes. I'm stuck at how to add this PHP file into my store to test the rest of the edits. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks