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  1. ok i found the problem - its not the old image appearing.. i found behind that png there is a blue color also seted in css .. :) thanx anyway ! its located inside jquery-ui-1.8.6.css file .. here is the code where you can change the background color of this bar: .ui-widget-header { border: 1px solid #002A00; background: #004C00
  2. hello ! first off all please apologize about my bad english - also im newby here , and not so sure if this is the correct place to post this question: i installed an simple free template on oscommerce 2.3. downloaded all files. found all the pictures to modify the layout (inside ext/jquery/ui/redmond/images) and ,change it to my new layout. it worked all ok - the only problem is when i refresh i can see the original layout without all my changes for some seconds (very fast) then it loads all my changes. - this old images doesnt exist anymore - i changed my layout inserting my new images inside the old images, changing the original files and uploading it. also made a search already in the whole website files and there is no copy of this old stuff anywhere. also i did try already to load in different computers at my house and to clean all my browsers cash memory files and still had the same error. actually the problem happens specific to one image that is used in the whole website - the name of the image is ui-bg_gloss-wave_55_5c9ccc_500x100 - i think it cames with the original layout in oscommerce 2.3 someone knows whats happening ? heres the link to see my test at web with the problem really thanx anyone who can give me a little light in this problem to help :)