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  1. @grandpa Hi John, Currently travelling (again) and don't have access to my systems and time to troubleshoot. There may have been recent updates to the latest GitHub which affect this add-on and I have no time to check and update the add-on at the moment, sorry. cheers
  2. @radhavallabh That add-on is for managing existing osCommerce cache files only. cheers
  3. @@ndiggity The security issue has been discussed previously and best solution was to only use the login modal on a fully SSL'd site. I like what you're trying to do here but you need to remember that there are a number of areas on the page that need to be updated after user login. The navbar which you have already addressed, but there is also the footer, customer's order history box needs to appear if enabled and if the shopping cart box is being used then that also needs to be updated. There could be more. Having the pages load using ajax would be a cool thing, but the only time this is going to happen using your code is when no redirect is required. In my opinion, then what is the point of using ajax at all since there are still a number of areas of the page that need to be updated (as mentioned), even when there is no redirect. The point of the login modal was to eliminate an extra page load (to the login page) when logging in, which has been achieved. Trying to eliminate another page load seems like a good idea but that won't work anyway if a redirect is required. cheers
  4. This was always going to happen, and is just the begininig (as per the last paragraph of Steve's Tamebay link). The Australian government has been speculating for quite a while now on how to recoup lost GST revenue from the increasing number of overseas transactions. So you can expect to see these measures cover transactions for physical products as well, some time in the future.
  5. Thanks, but I'm certain there are people here more worthy of MOTM. cheers
  6. @@StreamAlex Have confirmed that "Typeahead Autocomplete" (latest bs version) works with the "Ultimate Seo Urls 5 for Responsive Oscommerce" add-on in the link provided above. The only issue is the SEO URLs add-on requires a number of core changes. cheers
  7. @@StreamAlex Sorry for late reply. I remember reading somewhere in the forum that the admin setting "Use Search-Engine Safe URLs" was still in development and not the best option to use (I think this is still the case and not sure why it is still there, but I could be wrong). Preference is to leave that off and install another SEO URL's add-on from the add-ons page, such as this one cheers
  8. @@Ozpicious @@CGhoST It will eventually be made compatible for BS. I can't say when. At the moment there are too many core changes required which goes against BS policy. cheers
  9. @@StreamAlex There is most likely an SEO URL's add-on installed. Check in admin and see if it can be disabled temporarily to test. Other than that I don't know what the problem is without access to your site. As I said, something is breaking the script. The add-on is known to work. cheers
  10. @@StreamAlex Alexander,‚Äč can you please try the attached file. Download and unzip the file then replace this file "catalog/ext/typeahead/js/ht-twitter-typeahead.js.php" on your server and test. (You may have to clear your "cache/temporary files" in your browser) Let me know. cheers
  11. @@StreamAlex I see what is causing the problem. Your store URL's are being re-written either by some add-on or rewrite rules, example; from "product_info.php?products_id=913" to "product_info.php/products_id/913". This is breaking the script as shown in last post above. At the moment this add-on is incompatible with your store until a solution is provided. cheers
  12. @@frankl @@StreamAlex No, the module worked with "jquery-2.2.3.min.js" prior to BS being updated to "jquery-3.x.min.js". Not sure why "jquery-ui-1.10.4.min.js" is there, probably some other add-on. Could be tested by removing that line. My concern is why this section of the script appears as (in the source): <a href="'+encodeURIComponent(search_input.val())+(search_in_description // 'true' / '/search_in_description/1' : '')+'">show all results</a> instead of: <a href="'+encodeURIComponent(search_input.val())+(search_in_description == 'true' ? '&search_in_description=1' : '')+'">show all results</a> Something is breaking the script. Alexander, can you check the contents of the file "catalog/ext/typeahead/js/ht-twitter-typeahead.js.php" (line 188) on your server and compare to the original module file. You could also try temporarily disabling some other add-ons that use javascript to determine if there is an incompatibility issue with other js add-ons. Also, can you test in English? cheers
  13. @@StreamAlex Start again -> uninstall the module and undo all changes, and then follow the instructions for the bs version to re-install the module (since your store is bs). TIP: if you have a problem with the version you're meant to be installing, in your case the bs version, post a comment in the support thread before attempting to use the version you're NOT meant to be installing (non-bs). You're only going to make things worse. The non-bs version is not compatible with the osC 234BS and vice versa. So please undo all changes then perform a clean install of the bs version of the module. You're currently getting script errors because the module doesn't appear to be installed correctly i.e. missing language definitions. cheers
  14. @@crimble crumble Sorry for late reply (travelling). Are you using the latest version of the module? (early versions had a bug relating to SSL/NONSSL) I did some testing with latest versions of I.E. EDGE, Firefox and Chrome and could not replicate your issue. Results of testing were that "resulting links" were "http" as expected (i.e. when clicking on a product from the dropdown list while in "https" account area redirected to "http" product info page). Can you confirm? (make sure you're using latest version of the module) cheers
  15. @@chef39 Sorry for late reply chef, I am currently travelling. If you're asking about adding products to cart using ajax (without reloading the whole page) then this module is not designed for that. This module is just about loading the product listing page via ajax when using page navigation, sort options and manufacture filter. There are a couple of areas of the web page and other background processing required (that have nothing to do with the product listing page) that would need to be updated on the fly when adding products to the cart, for example the navbar number of items in cart. I've not considered including this in to this module. You might want to look at this thread here that @@piernas is working on, this may be what you're after. cheers