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  1. @valquiria23 The file contains javascript code. It's the javascript code that appears in the source which is normal. cheers
  2. @MountainMan Best practice is to have entire site SSL when using modal login as discussed in this and other threads (your entire site should be SSL regardless). Use files I last uploaded in this thread (not tested on latest osCommerce bootstrap versions, too many too list ). Keep it simple, 2 part login defeats the purpose of have modal login. cheers
  3. @milkman45 All I can suggest is that you compare your Auspost shipping module files with the original files, and also investigate and do further testing to see if it some other cause. Sorry, but I can't help any further than that. ip has nothing to do with this module. Regardless, I have no control over the response times from the Auspost servers in retrieving shipping rates. I'm not sure why though you would be getting excessive delays as you claim. They may sometimes have excesses loads on their servers. I have not tested this lately, sorry but at the moment I don't have time. I would suggest you ask if anyone else is experiencing this issue of maybe contact Australia Post. cheers
  4. @milkman45 I don't know where you're getting that ip from. When I ping the Australia Post api server "digitalapi.auspost.com.au" (from inside the file apdomexp.php, shown in you log above) I get this ip "digitalapi.auspost.com.au" is the only connection used by the module to the Australia Post api server to retrieve the postage rates: $api_server = 'https://digitalapi.auspost.com.au'. If you look at the attached screen images (which are ip lookups) you'll see that points to some server in India. (the correct one) points to the server in Melbourne. There is also a trace route (the black screen shot) also confirming this. Check that you haven't been hacked.
  5. @valquiria23 Hi Val, Sorry for taking so long to look at this but I am still travelling so haven't had time to look at any issues with my add-ons. I will look at them as soon as I get a chance (possibly a few weeks, or earlier if I can). In the mean time try turning off other addons that are similar to this one that also use javascript in case there is a conflict, since no-one else has reported similar issues. cheers
  6. @radhavallabh Hi, sorry for late reply, currently travelling. Thanks for the fix. The cookie script file has been taken out of the latest osC BS/CE version. Another simple fix would be to put the cookie js file back. Will update in next release of this add-on. cheers
  7. @valquiria23 Hi Valquiria, Sorry but I can't look at this at the moment as I am currently travelling. But looks like the javascript code might need some tweaking. I'll look at it as soon as I get a chance. cheers
  8. I think you'll find the twitter typehead add-on does, but "quick search" doesn't by default. cheers
  9. @brian_cee Just to be clear the typehead addon was originally created to work with the existing "quick search" in the header, it doesn't replace or alter the "quick search" module. And it was originally created to not "search in description". The reason (back then) was so that it matched the "quick search" results, which does not search in description. But to answer your question, yes, the latest version of twitter typehead addon has an option to "search in description", among other settings for how the description results look in the search result drop down list. The option to enable "search in description" is there now (to have on or off), but be aware that the "quick search" header module which is included with osCommerce BS version ( CE) doesn't search in description. But some people want the standard "quick search" to "search in description" regardless of whether or not they have the typehead addon installed, so they are making the code modification as suggested above to the "quick search" module. Hope that helps. cheers
  10. @inra311 You might need to apply the fix by Moxamint at the top of the previous page. cheers
  11. I've had a look at your site and I see what you mean. The problem is with the colours of your theme. The add-on just uses the colours from your theme by default, to match your theme. I haven't incorporated a means to easily switch colours. But if you want to have a play try this file: "ext\typeahead\css\ht-twitter-typeahead.css" (you need to have knowledge of css files). Sorry but I won't be helping you with that. Make sure you have a backup copy of original. cheers
  12. @inra311 It seems that the cookie.js file (which this add-on needs) has been removed from the latest CE version, not sure why. The installation routine never checked for this file as it assumed it was always there. It only checked for the files that were being uploaded for this add-on. I have attached a zipped copy of the file. Download and extract it to "ext/jquery" folder on your server. See if that fixes your problem. Hopefully nothing else has been changed in the latest CE version to break add-ons. cheers cookie.zip
  13. @inra311 Have you got a link to your site so that I can see what the problem is. You can check the link to my test site in my post further above to see a working version. cheers
  14. The code modification above for "search in description" is only required for the BS version of osCommerce when using the included quick search that appears in the header, where you might want to enable "search in description" functionality. The box module versions of quick search (and the advanced search) for both BS and non-BS already have this code. I discovered this a while back when testing for the twitter typeahead search add-on for both the BS and non-BS version when people asked if I could include a "search in description" option in the add-on. Regardless, if some-one still wants to have the functionality of "search in description" from the header quick search in the BS version without installing other search add-ons then they would need to make the modification to the header quick search module. Don't know why the "search in description" code was not included in the header quick search of the BS version. cheers
  15. @Streamcode Installed latest osC BS EDGE version here: https://www.auzcommerce.com.au/osc234bs_edge/. Still wasn't able to replicate your issue. I'm not aware of anyone else having this problem. You need to check or get help with your "SSL/session/cookie" configuration since your "osCsid" in the URL should disappear from the URL after first click on your site. Do this first and see if it rectifies the issue. Here is another site that you can see where this add-on works fine without emptying the cart: https://www.grandpas.co.nz cheers