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  1. I also recently installed latest EDGE version for some other unrelated testing and had the same issue reported here. I can confirm that the fix above by Rainer works. cheers
  2. @Streamcode Installed latest osC BS EDGE version here: https://www.auzcommerce.com.au/osc234bs_edge/. Still wasn't able to replicate your issue. I'm not aware of anyone else having this problem. You need to check or get help with your "SSL/session/cookie" configuration since your "osCsid" in the URL should disappear from the URL after first click on your site. Do this first and see if it rectifies the issue. Here is another site that you can see where this add-on works fine without emptying the cart: https://www.grandpas.co.nz cheers
  3. @Streamcode Hi, wasn't able to replicate the problem here on demo site https://www.auzcommerce.com.au/, but demo site is not latest BS version, slightly older. Will have to update to latest and test again when I get a chance. But it's looks light it could be a session/cookie issue. Will let you know results when completed test. Why is your osCsid always appearing in your URL? Check your admin settings. cheers
  4. Hi @valquiria23, Apologies for late reply. This front page version of the featured products carousel was something I began working on a while ago and never got around to creating the index version etc. Sorry, but at the moment I don't have a lot of time for creating additional modules. Although, you can get this front page version to work in index, by just moving all the files to the "index" folder instead of the "front_page" folder (also the language file). Remember to remove the "front page featured products carousel module" first in admin before moving the files. Once you have moved the files then install the module again and you will see that it will exist within the index group. Then just alter the "sort order" option to place in the order you want it to appear on the index (front) page. You can see it working under the "customer greeting" at the sample link provided above. Enjoy.... cheers
  5. Hi @valquiria23 Try this package I have attached (zip file below). See sample here: http://www.auzcommerce.com.au/osc234bs_test/ I assume you have other front page modules so you should have the code below inside your index.php file (near the bottom): <div class="row"> <?php echo $oscTemplate->getContent('front_page'); ?> </div> cheers front page featured products carousel.zip
  6. Hi Rainer @raiwa Glad you got it sorted out. Appreciate your efforts as many others would also. Sorry that I misunderstood that you referred to older modules. Just to confirm that this applies to other older Australia Post shipping modules, not this contribution since the code above does not exist. But this contribution is still to be tested on PHP7, and not recommended for osC BS version. cheers
  7. Hi @raiwa This shipping contribution was created to run on non-BS versions. I'm pretty sure I worked on this before the BS version started to become mainstream and never got around to creating a BS version. There are a lot of code changes that are required to install this module so it needs a complete rethink to code it up to BS "no core changes" policy. The core changes are mainly to do with the way the shipping quotes are displayed in "checkout shipping" i.e. there are multiple shipping quotes for a given shipping option. And also a lot of the copy/paste replace code is using tables and cells as opposed to divs. I don't know what could be causing the error you mention with international shipping other than to say that this contribution is in-compatible with the BS version as already mentioned. As far as I know it all works OK on the non-BS versions. At the moment I don't have a lot of time to look at this, but if I get a chance I will. The modules are very complex and I would need to study the code again because it's been a while :). But going by the error " Please enter a valid Service code" suggests that the service codes aren't being sent to the Auspost server correctly. Something do to with the way the data (that is to be sent) is being handled and compiled initially. cheers
  8. @SuperPower09 Quick test on 2.3.4 std version also seems OK on dev site here: http://www.auzcommerce.com.au/osc234/catalog/index.php Same as before: use "mg4" for test. cheers
  9. @SuperPower09 I'll test the standard 2.3.4 version soon as I get a chance. cheers
  10. @SuperPower09 Hi, I wasn't able to replicate the issue. See test here: https://www.auzcommerce.com.au/index.php. Search for model "mg4" (for a test I changed the model number for the product "Matrox G400 32MB" from "MG400-32MB" to "MG4". Is this what you are referring to? It seems to work on test site. Have you made any changes that my affect the search? cheers
  11. @justcatering As explained in my previous post, you don't use this add-on with latest BS EDGE. It was designed for earlier versions osC BS EDGE and the GOLD version, which didn't have modularised category pages. Recent versions of EDGE already has modularised category pages. It's mentioned in the install documentation.
  12. @justcatering Hi, firstly I hope your not using this on recent version of BS edge. As per install doco below: If you are using the correct osC BS version then ensure you have inserted the code below in the correct locations inside the index.php file as per the install doco, and double check that you have followed the install documentation correctly. <!------------ Modular Category Page - start modifications----> <div class="row"> <?php echo $oscTemplate->getContent('category'); ?> </div> <!------------ Modular Category Page - end modifications------> This add-on is known to work and has been tested on a clean install of osC 234BS GOLD and earlier versions of EDGE. cheers
  13. @justcatering Hi, not sure why you would be getting this error but try changing the language file constants, for example: change const MODULE_CONTENT_CATEGORY_NEW_PRODUCTS_TITLE = 'Category New Products'; to define('MODULE_CONTENT_CATEGORY_NEW_PRODUCTS_TITLE', 'Category New Products'); You need to do this for all lines beginning with "const" and any other module language file in the package you use. See if this helps. cheers
  14. @peterpil19 Hi Peter I wasn't able to replicate the issue on my test site here: https://www.auzcommerce.com.au/osc234bs_test_sec/ But it's possibly a script issue. Try this test: in the template file replace $(document).ready(function() { with $(window).on( "load", function() { cheers
  15. @ce7 No, it's not possible to change this setting for the "Australia Post - Courier Post" module. It needs a cutoff time to use this shipping module because the lodgement cutoff time at Australia Post is 2pm for next day Courier Post delivery. So the max setting is 1pm to give you enough time to get the package to Auspost. "Australia Post - Express Post" and "Australia Post - Parcel Post" shipping modules don't have this setting so they will still appear as a shipping option. cheers