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  1. Ok thanks, i'll take a look. The SEO from cre allows 3 different URL's to be indexed or shown, which im guessing hurts my rankings a little?... http://www.myurl.co.uk/tier-1-cat/c6/p142/product-title/product_info.html http://www.myurl.co.uk/p142/product-title/product_info.html http://www.myurl.co.uk/tier-1-category-Tier-2-cat/c6_7/p142/product-title/product_info.html Do you know if this contribution or the SEO 5 one solves this problem? Thanks again for the quick reply's, i appreciate it.
  2. Is it possible to change the code to be compatible with my current URL structure? Any idea's where i need to change code etc?
  3. I'm guessing this can be changed quite easily via whatever PHP file to suit the URL structure of my site(which i can do)...but what will happen with the htaccess file and rewrites? As i'm keeping the current URL structure, will it be ok to keep my current htaccess file with the modded 'Ultimate SEO URL's' contribution? Are there any other problems changing the URL structure in the Ultimate SEO contribution may cause? Thanks
  4. Wondering if someone can give me some advice and info... I currently have creLoaded installed with CRE SEO URL installed. It doesn't seem the best and i'd like to swap to this contribution instead. I rank highly at the moment so don't want to change the URL's in any way (product pages aren't so important but category pages are a must!). Could someone tell me how the SEO URL's for this contribution are structured and changed? This is how my URL's are structured currently: Product pages:(468 is the product ID) http://www.myURL.com/p468/Name-Of-Product/product_info.html Cat 1 Tier pages:(15 is the category ID) http://www.myURL.com/Category-One/c15/index.html Cat 2 Tier pages:(15 is the category ID, 21 is the sub category ID) http://www.myURL.com/Category-One-Sub-Category-One/c15_21/index.html Any help much appreciated! :)
  5. ttmw


    Ok, i'm on a dedicated server currently (with WHM) so i can probably change anything myself if i knew how, but i wouldn't know where to start. I don't really understand what makes 777 only work on some servers, and lower on others. Whats the highest number you'd use on SiteMonitor files to keep them safe? Thanks again.
  6. ttmw


    Thanks Jack, what permissions should be on the log and reference files? I had to set my configure file permissions to 777 to get it to work and change them back after. Is it safe to have log, configure, and reference files as 777. if not, what should they be? thanks again.
  7. ttmw


    Just downloaded and installed the contribution...all went fine, until i tried the 'Delete the reference file and create a new one.' update for the first time....which timed out. I've now sorted the time out, but whenever i run any of the upgrades it gives me the results that every file is new? I'm not sure how the contribution works so don't know which files to check to see if reading or writing is working as it should... "Manually Execute Sitemonitor" also returns "Failed to create backup log file" message before listing all the new files. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance, seems like a great contribution :)