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  1. We have a logo already sorted so it is a case of css and layout. Thank you
  2. thank you guys, I was leaning towards staying with oscommerce but the template issue was making it 50/50. I will look at getting a template designed and then weigh up the pro's and con's.
  3. I have used Oscommerce for a few years and it was running on php 5.*, but due to issues had to remove the website. I know the current version is able to run on php 7.* but my questions are: - Since reading I have found oscommerce is not updated that often as some people would like (I know people are busy with real life ) - Most Templates I have looked at run on php 5.2, can anyone recommend were to get templates which run on php 7.* - If you were starting again, would you choose Oscommerce or another platform? Many Thanks
  4. Just done the above video and it works like a dream. Many Thanks Vampire
  5. willid

    Multiple Addons

    Managed to get the work around --> Admin Panel --> Modules --> Shipping Then edit the amount for free shipping. Thanks for the help Jack_mcs
  6. willid

    Multiple Addons

    figured out what the problems is and the end value does not like 0.00 100:10.00,150:8.00,10000:0.00 - DOES NOT Work 100:10.00,150:8.00,10000:0.10 - Does work Anyone know how to get around it please ? Thanks
  7. willid

    Multiple Addons

    have got the table rate installed but it keeps telling me not able to ship to this address. Can I take it 50:10.00,100:8.00,150:0.00 (example - £50 - £10 PP etc) Thanks
  8. willid

    Multiple Addons

    sorry should have said running 2.3.4
  9. willid

    Multiple Addons

    I apologise for sounding dumb but I have just started using this solution and wanted to know if anyone knew if the following addons where in circulation. 1. Customers Order History - the ability to have a add to cart button next to each item in a customers order (when viewing previouse orders) so they can re-order the same item instead of going through the products again. 2. Different Postal Pricing options - If spending £150 then £FREE PP / £100 then £8 PP / £50 then £10 PP (at the moment I only have flat rate option) 3. Favorites/Wish List Tab so customers can add things to it - again to save going through the products again. If anyone has any other tips on this solution it would be gratefuly appreciated. Many Thanks Dave
  10. willid

    Oscommerce Image Locations

    @Mention Hi Tsimi, That works great for the products but it is still putting the category images in the images (catalog/images) folder not the categories folder (catalog/images/category) Thanks
  11. I am new to Oscomerce and wanting to know if it is possible to change where images are uploaded to when uploading through Admin Categories/Products. Example of what I am looking for is:- Products got to Folder - images/Year(so would be 2016)/ - if folder does not exist then for it to be created Categories got to Folder - images/categories At the moment all images are upoaded to the images folder. Running latest version of 2.3.4 Many Thanks