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  1. willid

    PayPal App v5.018 Log In with PayPal is now dead

    I am still having problems after altering the code and installing the connect app. I am still getting the same error, anyone got any advice or pointers please.
  2. I am looking for a modules/addon which will allow us to add an input text field next to the product name. Does anyone know if there is anything out there at the moment, we are running V2.3.4.1. I have attached a file so people can see where I would like the input text field, I have looked at others but I have being unable to find one that does what we want.
  3. willid

    Multiple Addons

    Managed to get the work around --> Admin Panel --> Modules --> Shipping Then edit the amount for free shipping. Thanks for the help Jack_mcs
  4. willid

    Multiple Addons

    figured out what the problems is and the end value does not like 0.00 100:10.00,150:8.00,10000:0.00 - DOES NOT Work 100:10.00,150:8.00,10000:0.10 - Does work Anyone know how to get around it please ? Thanks
  5. willid

    Multiple Addons

    have got the table rate installed but it keeps telling me not able to ship to this address. Can I take it 50:10.00,100:8.00,150:0.00 (example - £50 - £10 PP etc) Thanks
  6. willid

    Multiple Addons

    sorry should have said running 2.3.4
  7. willid

    Multiple Addons

    I apologise for sounding dumb but I have just started using this solution and wanted to know if anyone knew if the following addons where in circulation. 1. Customers Order History - the ability to have a add to cart button next to each item in a customers order (when viewing previouse orders) so they can re-order the same item instead of going through the products again. 2. Different Postal Pricing options - If spending £150 then £FREE PP / £100 then £8 PP / £50 then £10 PP (at the moment I only have flat rate option) 3. Favorites/Wish List Tab so customers can add things to it - again to save going through the products again. If anyone has any other tips on this solution it would be gratefuly appreciated. Many Thanks Dave
  8. willid

    Oscommerce Image Locations

    @Mention Hi Tsimi, That works great for the products but it is still putting the category images in the images (catalog/images) folder not the categories folder (catalog/images/category) Thanks
  9. I am new to Oscomerce and wanting to know if it is possible to change where images are uploaded to when uploading through Admin Categories/Products. Example of what I am looking for is:- Products got to Folder - images/Year(so would be 2016)/ - if folder does not exist then for it to be created Categories got to Folder - images/categories At the moment all images are upoaded to the images folder. Running latest version of 2.3.4 Many Thanks