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  1. shane h

    Paymant Module not showing.

    Hi All After two days of scratching my head, I'm now at an end with some help required. we already have a securehosting payment gateway installed and this works perfectly. So over the last year I've been in working on a finance form, which I'm going to use securehosting again. My problem is I cannot get the file to show in the admin modules payment folder. Files are uploaded correctly to the required folders. I feel it must be an error in the php file although I cannot see where the mistake is. My eyes have gone. So, if someone with a fresh pair of eyes could give it the once over to see where i'm going wrong. I've included the original file together with the modified file. finance.php is the new file. Now I know that the directory is correct as other modules work fine and if I remove them they disappear and then reappear when I upload them again. Any help will be much appreciated. Regards, Shane. finance.php securehosting.php
  2. shane h

    Header Tags SEO

    Hi All I hope some can help! I'd like to get my category pages under control without spamming them with index fields. Has anyone already asked for this before? if so, please can someone point me in the right direction. Illustration of what I'm asking for is a simple format. (category title) (category description) (category keywords) in place of (category title - index title) (category description - index description) (category keywords - index keywords) Cheers, Shane.
  3. shane h

    PHP include_path problems

    Hi All! I'm having some problems and I'm unsure if this is something to do with the same cause. PHP Warning: require(includes/application_top.php) [<a href='function.require'>function.require</a>]: This happens on main index and product info page and I'm unsure if this is the same thing. Incidentally I also have (include_path='.:') with the same error code. I'd like to try putting this code into the area of code. realpath( dirname( __FILE__ ) ); Although I'm unable to find (include_path=) anywhere in the oscommerce pages. Has anybody any suggestions. Regards. Shane