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  1. Sysop

    Call For Pricing

    Is there a way to make osc show a "Call For $" or "Call For Availability" type thing, instead of $0.00, and letting someone order the item anywayz!? --- Charles!
  2. Sysop

    Is this possible?!

    I installed the Handling Charge mod, and it works great. The only question I was wondering, if can anyone tell me, if it is possible either via this mod, or another mod, to assign different handling charges to orders? For instance... $0-$250=$8.99. $251-$500=$10.99, etc. etc. etc. Any and all help would be greatfully appreciated! --- Charles!
  3. I am too getting the same error that someone else was getting a couple pages ago, but I didn't see any reply back to him, so I am also posting to try and hopefully find a result... When I goto purchase a gift voucher, It's added to the cart just fine, but when it comes to the checkout payment type, whatever type I click gives me the following error.... Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class order_total in x:\x\include\classes\order_total.php on line 13 Can someone tell me how to fix this!? Everything else seems to be working okay!
  4. Sysop

    Faster Page Loads

    I am having the same problem that others did.... Here is my problem... * I installed this contrib fo MS2 (v1.31) * I am on an IIS 6 server with PHP 5 * Tools>Server Info>doc_root "none defined" * Websites are all installed off the "E:" Drive (4 different website folders) * Cache Folder is "E:\store_cache" * Cache File is "config_cache.txt" * No errors are reported in oscommerce anywhere. * File does not exist on C, D, or E drive (Have tested all) * (Admin>)Includes>configuration_cache_read.php contains: $config_cache_file = 'E:/shop_cache/config_cache.txt'; $config_cache_compress = 'false'; $config_cache_compression_level = 1; Can anyone give me a hand?
  5. I have looked through the first like 25 pages, and didn't see the following problem, so if it was on the last 2000 pages, I appologize! :) When I go into the Admin CP, I click on the "User Tracking>User Tracking", and on the right, I get what looks like it should be the table, but instead of showing up the information, I get the following error next to host: Warning: gethostbyaddr(): Address is not in a.b.c.d form in C:\Inetpub\websites\shopwcf\admin\user_tracking.php on line 242 My screen shows this... Click Count: 9 Country: US Flag IP Address: <blank> Host: <error message above> Originating URL: <blank> It appears that the times on the right, though, are correct! Any help would be appreciated!
  6. I need to know if there is a way with this mod to modify it so you can specify amounts. Doesn't matter if it is hardcoded, or changable via the ACP... For instance - from 0-15 pounds is $1.00, from 16-30 pounds is $2.00, from 30-500 pounds is $3.00. Can someone help!? --- Thanx!
  7. I have the mod installed and is working perfectly fine... The problem I have, is I need to know if there is a way to modify this mod to have different values... For example - everything upto 15 pounds is $1.00, between 15 and 30 pounds is $2.00, about 30 pounds is $3.00. Can someone help and let me know if this is available with this mod!? Thanx!
  8. Sysop

    [Contribution]Paypal IPN - Devosc

    I guess I just needed to do a transaction all the way through! I followed the instructions on the "test" IPN page, and everytime I did it, it wasn't working correctly for some reason! I finally just said to hell with it, and did a complete order, and it worked fine! It filled all the information out correctly, etc. Just curious about something, that I know the answer is probably no anywayz! Is there a way to get OSC to coordinate it's invoice number from PayPal? Not Paypal coordinating with OSC? (ie: order number 400 in osc has paypal order with 17 digitis. Anyway to pass those 17 digits as the order number for osc to store?) Thanx for all the prompt response in getting this fixed! Works GREAT!
  9. Sysop

    [Contribution]Paypal IPN - Devosc

    Okay.. Now I just noticed I also have the following problems... Lets see how well I can clean this up... Customer: lenora thompson 1313 Mockingbird Lane Torrance, California 90501 United States Telephone Number: 310-310-3103 E-Mail Address: testing@paypal.us Shipping Address: lenora thompson 1313 Mockingbird Lane Torrance, California 90501 United States Billing Address: lenora thompson 1313 Mockingbird Lane Torrance, California 90501 United States ----------------------------- All the information below keeps coming up blank - I have done the test twice! ----------------------------- Customer: Business Name: E-Mail Address: Payer ID: Payer Status: Payment Type: No Of Cart Items: Transaction ID: Invoice: MC Currency: MC Gross: MC Fee: Settle Amount: Settle Currency: Exchange Rate: Customer Comments: IPN Date Payment Status Pending Reason No IPN history available Products Model Tax Price (ex) Price (inc) Total (ex) Total (inc) 1 x Microsoft IntelliMouse Pro MSIMPRO 0% $39.99 $39.99 $39.99 $39.99 1 x There's Something About Mary DVD-TSAB 0% $49.99 $49.99 $49.99 $49.99 Sub-Total: $89.98 United Parcel Service (1 x 14lbs) (Ground): $6.62 Handling Fee: $8.95 Total: $105.55 Date Added Customer Notified Status Comments 06/15/2004 20:54:08 Pending Comments Status: Notify Customer: Append Comments: If anyone can help out it would be greatfully appreciated!
  10. Sysop

    [Contribution]Paypal IPN - Devosc

    First off, two things: #1) After searching the IPN contrib problems, I found an answer to one of my problems... That problem was: 1054 - Unknown column 'o.paypal_ipn_id' in 'where clause' select count(*) as total from paypal_ipn as p, paypal_ipn_orders as po, orders as o where p.paypal_ipn_id = po.paypal_ipn_id AND po.paypal_ipn_id = o.paypal_ipn_id AND o.paypal_ipn_id = p.paypal_ipn_id" Someone gave the fix on here, that I can't recall, so I tried it and it worked. The code that was used to fix that error IS NOT included in the original code for v2.3. I downloaded the contrib right off the contribs area at the link listed in the original PayPal IPN thread, which is version 2.3, and as soon as I installed it, everything worked fine until trying to access the "PayPal IPN" section in the admin area, or after someone cancelled a PayPal order. -- Just FYI to the author(s) -- #2) Here's a problem I currently have... After testing, under my "Customers>Paypal IPN" admin section, I have the following: Order Number: <empty> Transaction Type: cart Payment Status: Completed Amount: USD $0.01 ------------------------------------------ When I click on the "Order" tab, in red across the top I get a "Error: Order Does Not Exist" message, but it shows the order that the user started, then cancelled just prior to sending the money. I don't know if this is normal, or if this has even been brought up. I have searched through numerous threads, including one with 200+ pages on the IPN mod, with no success... Can someone let me know if this will be fixed in an update, or is there something I have incorrect in the install.. MANY THANKS TO THE AUTHOR(s) OF THIS MOD! THIS IS HONESTLY ONE OF THE MOST USEFUL MODS THERE ARE OUT THERE, AND IT WORKS RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX WITH VERY LITTLE FIXES!