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  1. The instructions say to use the included categories.php file to troubleshoot such problems. Perhaps that is what you should try.


    Oh... I must have missed that part of the instructions. You're right, that was what I needed to try - problem found and solved! Thank you, Jack.

  2. Hi,


    I tried to search for an answer to my problem from this topic, but I couldn't find one...

    So, here it is:


    I have installed the Header Tags SEO add-on - it seems to be really useful, thank you!

    It seems to be working fine, but I can't add products anymore. The "add product"-window doesn't open.


    It's probably a admin/categories.php -related problem, isn't it? But I went through again all the changes the Install_Admin.txt told me to do, and found nothing wrong. So, if someone could tell me where to look for a problem, so I could check that part of the code once again, I'd be really thankful. B)


    Oh, yeah, I made the test. It only found a bunch of missing titles and/or descriptions.